30 August 2010


I didn't know what spam musubi was until one glorious Sunday afternoon, my brother-in-law Jake brought some over. I've been hooked ever since. The sad part is that Wendy, Jake, and Holden decided it was time to move to Hawaii. Not sad for them I'm sure, but sad for us, but not only because of no more musubi, because of no more them.

Anyway... I was determined to learn how to make it on my own so I rounded up the supplies and dove in. I found a nice little tutorial on you tube which made it extremely easy and they have all of the ingredients (except the Spam) at Chao's on University Avenue in Provo.

I'm not a lover of Spam, but I am a lover of Spam musubi. All it takes is a little nori, rice, spam, furikake, and some soy sauce. I ordered a musubi form online for 3 bucks and I was set. This picture is from my first go at it and I think they turned out pretty good (not as good as Jake's of course) but good still the same. I'm sure I'll get better with practice:)

23 August 2010

Weekend of Weekends

This last weekend was crazy. But it was crazy fun. This summer has been crazy, really. But it has been crazy fun. My BFF Tamsen is getting married in a couple of weeks so this was our weekend to celebrate. Friday night Tams, Mel, and I went up to Park City and played until 2 in the morning. We shopped at the outlets, ate at Wasatch Brewery, and went club hopping on Main Street.

I haven't been dancing for years so it was totally awesome. Although, I did discover that Harry O's isn't the cool place for 20 somethings that it used to be. It's now the cool place for 30 + somethings which is kind of scary. What's really scary is that I now fit in to that category.

When I got home around 3 in the a.m., this is what I discovered. Davey was still awake with four other people at our house playing Halo. I thought he would be tucked in bed trying to catch up on sleep, but no, Halo prevailed.

Then Saturday morning I had to wake up at 7, get ready, and drive to West Weber for Tamsen's bridal shower. I have no pictures, but it was fun as well. It's been great re-connecting with her family and girls I haven't seen in ages.

Then, that night I drove to Salt Lake with my sister Jessie to the Something Corporate concert. It was awesome but I was exhausted. Even the pineapple-red bull concoction I drank at the show couldn't keep me awake enough.

When I arrived home on both Friday and Saturday nights, this was the scene in my bedroom. Adelaide and Reggie had taken over our king size bed. Adelaide had to sleep in it because she is precious and she missed me. Reggie just sleeps in our bed always because we're too lazy to set up the crib. I ended up sleeping on the foot of the bed and Davey brought in Addie's mattress from her room and slept by us on the floor.

It's been a fun-filled crazy summer and it is almost over. School starts for me again on Wednesday and I will be trying to figure out how to balance 2 kiddos, husband, family time, homework, and anything extra-curricular.


19 August 2010

Dog Days of Summer

With Reggie being around, this summer has been a little different from previous summers. Tennis, skateboarding, and biking have taken a seat on the bench for now in exchange for more mellow activities. And with the Dodgers running the other direction from post-season baseball, and football not starting for another month, I've needed a distraction.

Adelaide has introduced me to all of her games she finds and plays on Miniclip on the computer. My biggest accomplishment is passing the 60th Phase on Level 3 of Zoikz.

I even get a lot of support from our occasional late-night Halo tourneys at our house. Even better than winning is watching the looks on all our friends' faces when Megan turns out to be one of the best players. Nothing tops a husband/wife team in a futuristic setting of violence and mayhem.But the weirdest trend so far is my summer reading. My brother Rick got me started with "Lone Survivor" and Randy followed that with "The Electric Church" (not pictured). And Megan has finally got me to read the first two Hunger Games books in the last two weeks. And now I find myself waiting for the third. I'll say they are good (definitely more mellow than my brothers' books - believe it or not), but even better than that, I have found new motivation to read, being so discouraged by all the Harry Potter and Twilight hype (sorry).

Happy Dog Days of Summer.
Sorry to those who thought this was going to be a post about Captain America.

16 August 2010

Can You Handle the Heat?

There has been a little debate going on between Davey and Steve on whether or not St. George is really that hot. Davey says that he doesn't like St. George because it's too hot. The funny thing is that Davey hasn't been to St. George in the summer. So Steve made Davey promise that he would come and visit this summer to see if he could handle the heat. Last weekend we went down so he could fulfill his promise.

Anna and I decided we should do some canning while we were there. I'm going to say it was the ultimate canning marathon. We started at around noon on Saturday afternoon and didn't finish until 1:30 Sunday morning (we did take a 3 hour break in the evening for dinner and swimming). We had a lot of fun, though. We ended up with 7 quarts of marinara sauce, 18 quarts of peaches, and 12 pints of pickles. We vowed that next time we would only tackle one thing at a time, not three. I think that the peaches about killed us (peaches take forever!). So far, the consensus is that the pickles are delicious.

Adelaide and Sophie are becoming such good friends! They had such a great time playing together and get along really well. Cousins are awesome.

We finally got to eat at the Bear Paw which was delicious and the weather really was lovely. I even heard Davey mention that even though it was 106 degrees outside, it is a dry heat so it only felt like 85. Ha, ha! It's what we've been saying all along babe, it's what we've been saying all along.

Thanks for letting us come down guys, it was fun! (Apple pie filling in September Anna?)

12 August 2010

Snip Snip

Reggie has a trademark hairdo. It's one that's pretty hilarious but not very attractive. His hair is finally growing in where he has rubbed it all off and his little Alfalfa-tuft just keeps getting longer. So on Tuesday I decided it had to go.

Before and happy...

After and pretty ticked off...

This was the best picture we could get because he wouldn't hold still. He was very upset about his very first haircut, indeed.

He seems to be doing all right with it now. And he's as handsome as ever.

02 August 2010

Price Family Reunion

We spent the July 24th holiday in Heber at Jan and Lucia's cabin for the 1st official Price family reunion. This is only the half of us. I believe there was a count of around 70 people in the cabin at one given time.

We had an awesome time and it was absolutely gorgeous up there.

We went on walks around the pond.

Met 1st cousins once removed for the very first time and had fun jumping on the bed.

Cousin Eric took the young ones on a trek to build fairy houses (it was a huge hit).

We watched movies.

Ate lunch at the bowling alley.

Received pedicures from Becca.

And in true Price fashion, played games until we couldn't play games any more.

It was so great to see everyone, especially those who live so far away. We look forward to three years down the road when we get to do it again.