30 August 2011

A New Beginning

Today our little lady started Kindergarten. I think I'm still in denial, it just doesn't feel real. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was toddling around naked with her big belly and cowgirl hat on. Time goes by in a flash, yet sometimes it seems like forever.

I made an early donut run to Daylight Donuts up the road in PG to surprise her for her big day. She had a special place at the table with balloons and her new favorite donut, a chocolate glazed bar.

She was beyond excited to wear her new Pumas (they make her run fast like a cheetah) and we walked to and from school. Davey was able to go into work late and Ma Idaho and aunt Susan were in town and joined us for the walk. Reggie didn't know what to think when we left the school without her.

I'm beyond excited for her, but scared at the same time. It's been almost six years of almost strict parental influence, and now she will be surrounded by so many other kids and teachers who will have a huge impact on her life ( I pray for the best influence possible). I know this is an exciting time and she is going to love it, this reason alone trumps my fears, but what I think I'm getting at is that it's hard to let go. And here's to the beginning of a lot of letting go...

13 August 2011

We Made It

We finally made it through our 7 weeks of hell. I can't sugarcoat it or pretend like it wasn't awful...it was. My anatomy class is finally over. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. The expectations are unreasonable, the credit you get for the time you are required to put in is not near enough, lab instructors are rude (most but not all), and last but not least, never ever take anatomy at UVU.

On a happier note, we celebrated at Provo Beach Resort with some arcade games and a treat. The stress is finally starting to leave out home and it's time to recuperate. I'm anxious to finally get to know the people in our neighborhood a little better, anxious to see friends, and anxious to spend time with my family that I have so dearly missed.

Oh yes, and now I have finally officially graduated from college:)

08 August 2011

Addie's Song

May caught Adelaide on the front porch today belting out an original song dedicated to her friend, Captain. I think most of the neighborhood heard. This is the only part we got on film.

Some lyrics:
"And my heart,
And your heart,
Hook together,
And we were bestest friends,
In the whole widest world."

"That you and me will be together,
You and me for my life,
That I will miss you Captain."

06 August 2011

Ode to a Dog

It's kind of a sad afternoon around here.
Our dear Captain America has gone to live somewhere else.
No... he is not dead, but some people came to get him today who will hopefully love and care for him and give him more attention than we could give.
He was ours for seven and a half years and he was Addie's best friend.
I'm trying to figure out how you can love and hate a dog so much. He drove me absolutely crazy and I constantly thought about how nice it would be to not have to deal with him wrecking my garden and eating my tomatoes or slobbering all over my clothes and getting hair all over the place. 
But then I thought about how sweet he is, how fun it was to take him to the river, how secure I felt having him around, and how Addie loved the crap out of him.

I really just want them to take care of him and I hope that they will treat him well and that he will be happy. Good luck Captain, you will be missed.

04 August 2011

4-6 Weeks?

Little Reggie has been placed on the 30-day Disabled List. He will rehab in Orem before returning to the big leagues.

He bent his leg when he went down some stairs wrong and has two fractures in his left leg. Visits, love, and cards are welcome. He's not so ready for the phone calls yet.