25 June 2008

Baked Donuts

I found this recipe on Food Gawker the other day. It is the bomb! (Do people still say that?) I even ordered a donut pan especially for this reason. I made them with the chocolate chips, next time I think I will try icing. I also substituted sour cream for the yogurt because I didn't have any and it worked great.

Healthy Baked Donuts
(click to find the recipe)

P.S. I discovered that 150 grams is about 2/3 cup.

Try them people, you'll like 'em.

22 June 2008


Wow for Erica's amazing skillz. She took our family pictures recently and posted a nice little preview of them on her website. Click here to see how freaking amazing this girl is! It seems as if she has a session or two left while she's here in Utah, so, you better snatch one up before it's too late!

14 June 2008

Sundance Kid's Fest

We had a fun day with Ethan and Addison at the Sundance Kid's Fest today. It was beautiful up there with a ton of fun things to do and eat.

There were baby animals for them to pet.
Of course she had to pet the hee.

Kettle Corn for me. I really was enjoying this.

Last but not least, we took a ride on the lift.
It was a good 45 minutes long and well worth the scenery.

10 June 2008

Man Vs. Deer (The Man Won)

I was on my way to get ready for bed last night when the phone rang. It was about 10:30 which is pretty late for a phone call. Worry. It was my dad's sister Marti letting me know that my dad had been in a motorcycle accident. My stomach sunk to the floor. Apparently he had tried to call me from the accident about an hour before using a good mans phone. Note to self: don't screen phone calls ever again. The phone rang about 9:30 but I was in the process of putting Adelaide to bed and I didn't recognize the name on the caller id. I didn't answer.

Luckily my wonder-brother-in-law was at our house to sit with Adelaide while I shot out the door to the hospital. I am petrified of vehicular accidents. I was so nervous to see him because I get so afraid of what I might see. I don't like to see people in situations like that. It's not right.

I almost broke into tears when I saw him laying in the hospital bed. He was shaking due to shock and had road rash EVERYWHERE. Apparently a deer* thought it would be a good idea to run out in front of him while he was getting on the freeway. What are the odds? The irony is that prior to the accident, he was in the emergency room at Utah Valley hospital working on one of their computers. That's what he does, fixes computers for IHC. It was late because he was on-call, so he booked it up there on his motorcycle. The smart man was wearing his helmet (thank heaven above he's smarter than most), but he was in shorts and sandals. He hit the deer going between 50 and 60 mph. Back to Utah Valley emergency room he went.

The happiest ending we could have expected. He is going to be just fine. He has a broken left hand, a gauze packed left knee, and road rash galore. He is sore as you know where and will soon be itching to death from healing wounds. Surgery will be done to repair his hand and he will be as good as almost new.

*The deer did not survive. He must have seen the light and decided to go toward it. Though, he was kind enough to leave some of his legacy behind on my dad's bike. RIP.


That dang dirty deer.

Get better soon daddy. We love you.

04 June 2008

One Busy Girl

Adelaide is having quite a busy month. We signed her up for swim lessons and dance classes over the next few weeks. I took today off work so I could rest up a bit. This mono thing is killing me! I was pretty happy though because I was able to go see my little one at her swim lesson (dance class photos coming in the next week or so). It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She LOVES to swim.

Her favorite is jumping into the pool.

02 June 2008

Summer Nights

I LOVE summer nights. We had Ethan and Nat over last night for a lovely dinner and a game of whiffle ball. I love to see the kids get together and play. Adelaide has the best time with Kade and Addison. She also thought that she needed to take off her shirt because Kade didn't have one on. If she keeps that up, he's gonna be sticking around our house for years to come!

Thanks to the Shupes and Inmans for stopping by too. We had a great night!