23 June 2011


That's what we used to call them growing up, flutterbyes. My mom gave Adelaide a butterfly garden which is one of the coolest things I've seen. I should have taken pictures of all of the stages, but... I didn't.

The caterpillars come in the mail when they are teeny tiny and new. They get huge in about a weeks time and then they form their pupae, which they remain in for not quite a week. Then one by one they suddenly appear as butterflies! We kept them in the house for five days or so before letting them go. Yesterday we took them outside and one by one they flew away. 

It was really fun to see the different stages up close and personal. Adelaide loved it and is already asking for more caterpillars to come in the mail:)

16 June 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend my dad's brother Robert and his family came to visit. We had the pleasure of hosting my cousin Jonathan, his wife Bethany, and their chillins. We had so much fun reconnecting and getting to know each others family a little better. We had a party at aunt Lucia's on Sunday and enjoyed relaxing and playing the rest of the weekend.

Olivia, Taylor, and Adelaide bathed.

Played outside.

Dom rode Captain.

We played cards.

We also played at the park.
We had such a good time and look forward to hanging out again soon (we hope)!

12 June 2011

T Ball

Adelaide is playing softball this summer. It brings back memories of playing when I was a kid. She looks so cute out there on the big field. She likes it a lot and is a pro hitter. I love the fact that she likes to do so many things. She's awesome.

06 June 2011


Yesterday, Davey and I decided we needed to be at one with nature so we rounded up the children (plus Uncle Randy) and hiked to the hotpots (officially called Fifth Water Waterfalls) up Diamond Fork Canyon. It was gorgeous, hot, and we discovered we are really out of shape. It was fun just the same.

Yes, we saw a snake.
 Uncle of the year! He almost carried her the entire way.

And finally... someone seemed to have lost their bathing suit.

We found a list on Utah.com that tells the location, miles, and difficulty of trails all over Utah. We are excited to tackle a bunch of the family-friendly trails this summer.

05 June 2011

Give Me S'more!

My dad came over the other day and said he had a treat for Adelaide.
She loves treats, but I wasn't expecting two huge bags of campfire marshmallows.
Have you guys seen these? They are the most enormous things I've ever seen in my life!
Davey went to the store for some chocolate bars and graham crackers and we made gigantic s'mores.

This girl loves her marshmallows, and I must confess, I love the gigantic s'mores.

They were beyond delicious. So delicious that I had to restrain myself from making another:)