29 December 2008

White Christmas

It was definitely a white Christmas in Idaho Falls this year.
We made it there safe and sound on Christmas Eve (thank goodness).
We happened to pick the best travel days of the holiday weekend.

But, before we left for the Falls, we spent Christmas morning with my dad, his girlfriend Jan, her son Jake, Anna and Steve, and little Sophie. We had a delicious breakfast at Mimi's Cafe and opened presents. I decided I love Mimi's breakfast, I haven't eaten there for any other meal I don't think, but, breakfast is delightful.

We arrived in IF just before seven which made us late for dinner.
Though it wasn't too late for cute
santa and reindeer cookies for dessert.

In Davey's family, stockings are full of
breakfast on Christmas morning.
Santa brought us little cereal boxes, donuts, an orange,
and hot chocolate.
(Have I mentioned I'm supposed to watch my carbs? Yikes!)

Does anyone have any room in their house for this?
Ma and Pa Saunders gave her this castle which she absolutely loves.
Now, as I said, does anyone have any room?

We went over to Nanny's (Davey's grandma) house
Christmas afternoon so she could open her present.
Can you see the excitement on her face?
That would be because she gets to go for a ride in a
helicopter in a few weeks.

Davey and Kip built a fort.

Ma and Adelaide made Christmas trees
out of frosting and sugar cones.

Finished product.

We managed to freeze our butts off sledding.
The kids had a great time.

We went to the museum which has an adorable room with
fun things for kids. Can you believe she wanted to ride the horse?
(Those hot red boots are a Christmas present that are
about two sizes two big but, she HAS to wear them now.)

I would have to say this was her other favorite present
(can you tell by her face?)
The Tinkerbell Movie. What else?

We were able to stop by my grandma Liechty's house
on the way home from the Falls to do Christmas with her
and my mom and Jake.
We had a delicious roast dinner with the fam
and opened some fun things.
(Thanks for the ice cream maker grandma!)

Christmas was great and I can't believe it's over!
Where has the year gone?
Time is flying by too fast, can we take it a little slower next year?

23 December 2008

Snow Days

When I was in high school, I was in french, architectural drafting, varsity p.e., and wood shop. And now my daughter gets to reap the benefits. I know when she is older to NOT let her take any of these classes.

Now, on to today's post. We have had non-stop snow. I haven't seen the sun in a while. So what do you do with feet of snow, a 3 year old daughter, and all the time in the world? Thats right. But when you're done drinking the hot chocolate, the popcorn is all gone, and the days cartoons have finished, you go outside and build a snowman.

And for those of you who always ask for the recipe:
61 gallons SNOW
10 small ROCKS

21 December 2008


My mom came down yesterday so we could make some scrumptious candy (thank you weather for allowing it to happen). We made southern sour cream pralines, panuche (is that how you spell it?) fudge, chocolate peanut butter fudge, Christmas toffee, cream cheese truffles, cashew clusters, peanut butter cups, and........... I think that's all. My house smells like straight up sugar. Delicious.

It's true when they say kids need to actually touch the stove to never do it again. Adelaide has always reminded me that the stove is hot, hot. Well, regardless of her warning, she touched a burner today (on purpose) and has two little blisters on her fingers. The Curious George Band-aids made it all better.

This displays only a small portion of the ingredients we used.

The final products (plus some in the fridge).

The final disaster. Even after we re-washed many dishes.

It was so much fun! Thanks for coming mom. We ended the night with a little Center Street Musical Theater's, A Christmas Carol as well. I am feeling the Christmas spirit!

18 December 2008

Lots of Snow and Some Tacky Sweaters

Today was a good day. I discovered that so far (don't quote me on this) winter has been ok. I have not been depressed about the cold or the snow (so far). I am always freezing but, I am not boohooy about it like I have been in the past........oh, my whole life. Today we went out to shovel the driveway and had some fun in the snow.

What kid doesn't like to eat snow? This one does for sure.

She refused to wear her gloves (they are a little big). She wanted to pull them in the sled with her horsey. I think she could get frostbite on her hands and she wouldn't notice. She has too much fun.

Davey couldn't join us at the party at Ethan and Natalie's house tonight. He had to bring home the bacon. Aren't these sweaters super rad? I think I want to wear mine every day for the rest of the season.

The girls are having more fun together every time we get together. I think they might be friends.

Doesn't everyone look hot? I think Ethan should enter a contest. I don't know what for but he would totally win.

We even made reindeer and polaroid picture ornaments.
We had a great time tonight.
Thanks guys!

09 December 2008

Sugar Cookie Recipe as Requested

No, this is not a secret family recipe. Maybe I should make it that way. These are that good. No secret ingredient but, there are a few tips that make them oh so delicious.

My Mom's Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever

1 cup butter (real butter please)
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla ( a little extra makes them extra good)
2 3/4 cup flour

Cream butter and sugar together (remember only real butter)
Beat in egg and vanilla
Add flour and baking powder (add flour one cup at a time)
Dough should be stiff but not dry


Roll out 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick on floured surface
Bake on ungreased cookie sheet 6-7 minutes @ 400


Note: These cookies are for soft, thick sugar cookies. If you like them a little crisp, these are not the cookies for you.

If you are making a buttercream frosting, once again, only use real butter and add a little bit of milk. It makes the frosting very creamy.

Now don't worry about calories and dig in! They are so worth it.

07 December 2008

A Tree and Some Cookies

I love to sit in the living room and enjoy the lights
on the tree at night.
(One strand is out and I can't find the short!)

I have been craving some sugar cookies.
Tonight was the perfect night.
Adelaide helped for the first time and she loved it.

I think decorating them was her favorite part.

Can you guess who decorated what cookie?

I can pick out at least one that Davey did.

P.S. These are the best sugar cookies in the entire world.
My mom's recipe. Buttery fabulous.

28 November 2008


My were able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year
at my aunt Heidi's house.
She did a fabulous job in the kitchen.

The food was delicious.
It must have been because Adelaide actually ate.

It was great to be with family and
eat until our stomachs burst.

Adelaide was thoroughly entertained
by her cousins-once-removed.

She had such a good time, thank you cousins!

Davey got in a proper game of flag football to
work off all of that fat he's packing on.

We finished the day off with a late birthday
present for Adelaide and a sidewalk full of bubbles.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
(Ours was)

25 November 2008

Lead Kindly Light . . .

". . . amid th'encircling gloom"

Today Megan and I will go to the hospital so she can have her second D and C in the last thirteen months following this our fourth miscarriage since last summer. This time we heard a heartbeat on several occasions (the first time since May was pregnant with Adelaide) and we even made it eleven weeks before they think the little chunker stopped growing.

". . . the night is dark and I am far from home"

We are tired. We are confused. But I am following Megan's lead and we are hanging tough. We can't tell if this is a trial or a blessing. If we will have more children or not. If we should or not. Are we being tested in preparation for something? Or are we being spared a worse fate than this? I wish we already had the hindsight that parents have once their family is grown. We don't know which way to turn.

". . . keep thou my feet"

When I used to body board in the grand Pacific I learned a lot of life lessons. When out in the water I can paddle to catch a wave, paddle to avoid one, dive under waves or have the ride of a lifetime by dropping in on one. But if my board is pitched the wrong way, or turned too much against the currents and motions of the water and waves, I will wipe out. And that is how I feel right now. I've done so much paddling and diving under waves. They just keep coming. I've lost the shore and my sense of direction. At this point in life all I can do is say, "Which way should I point the board?"

". . . I do not ask to see the distant scene"

Sometimes I want to paddle just to paddle maybe. I want to see the whole picture and know every where I should go and everything I should do. Its like I don't want anyone's help. But I know we need it now. So don't tell me how far it is to shore and how big the wave is and how many submerged rocks lay below me. Just tell me which way to point the board. Then carry us.

". . . one step enough for me."
(The poem is by John Henry Newman)

We love all of you very much (sorry for the BYU cliche). We already can feel your love and support and if you ask if there is something you can do for us, there is. Turn around and hug your little ones that you have. Then hug them a little tighter. We'll do the same.

05 November 2008

I'm Staying.

That's right. I'm not moving to France, buying a sniper rifle, or overdosing on any pills tonight before going to bed.

The Democrat Party has won the election. And they won it in the House and Senate too. In fact, more governors are also Democrat than Republican.

But I am staying. I don't turn my back on this country when everything doesn't go my way. I also don't steal from or vandalize others whose views may be different from my own. I love America. It seems that some are just now realizing what a great place this is. Now that an African-American has won the presidency in a country that used to enslave people like him, more people are seeing that too. I feel sorry for them. They should have seen it long before. A woman doesn't have to be President for me to love this place and see the great opportunities women have in our country. Nor does anyone of any background have to win anything to gain my conditional love. I ALREADY love my country. Some say if Mr. Obama did NOT win, then that would set us back hundreds of years. Too bad for those people.

But I saw it before the election. I've known this place is great since I can remember. It hasn't always been that way. But it is. And its getting better. I feel bad for those who needed to taste the proof before believing in the recipe. That is why for them it is always ALL or NOTHING. For me, I just need a little something. So instead of focusing on the color of one's skin, or what sits between ones legs, let us press on with the issues.

So to you, whoever you voted for and whatever it is you stand up for, I applaud you for being you. And you should applaud God, that you were a lucky enough son-of-a-bitch to be born into these United States of America.

God bless the USA.

(How about a shout out for Condoleezza Rice in '12?)

31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Our little Eeyore

I'm a hardcore A's fan, can't you tell?

Davey's costume. Enough said.

24 October 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Usually when its someone's Bday I read a post by their spouse telling how great that person is and all the wonderful things they do. Well, Megan works today. So I'll start(I made a list once but Megan said she lost it, so this is from memory).

I rock.
I am a Scorpio through and through.
I am a pretty nice guy and super loyal to friends.
Don't cross me, I'll kill you.
I work hard for my family that I love.
I am one of the most handsome people I know (just behind Brad Pitt and Ethan).
I am young at heart.
I don't have to shave every day and I have no hair on my legs above the knees or on my arms or chest.
I light up a room instantly with my humor and warmth.
I own a dog.

Now that you know about me, here's some info about today.

I turn thirty.

I should almost be done with puberty soon.
(does your voice still crack too?)

My goal is not to wear a shirt all day today.

Whoever tells me "Happy Birthday" the most times today will win a wonderful prize. I will do a blog about them. I accept phone messages, blog comments, verbal exchanges, text messages, and I count anyone who sent a card for 2 votes right off the bat.

Good luck to everyone, but especially to me.
Its my first time turning 30 and I'm a little nervous!
And remember, today is MY special day.
So this IS all about me.

(Did you notice I am a donor?)

21 October 2008


This is the storm we drove through on the way down. Three hours of rain snow and below freezing temps. And you wonder why we love California . . .

This was not the storm we were in when we got there. 70s and 80s, nice ocean breeze and mostly clear skies.

Catalina Island usually only seen at sunset.

Those two objects by her right leg are rocks. Equation: Addie loves throwing rocks. Capo beach is full of rocks. Addie threw a lot of rocks.

That is a pan for making giant bubbles. She was in heaven the whole week.

Adelaide got to meet her new baby cousin Sophie. Such a sweet baby.

My first trip ever to Medieval Times. We ate with our hands, wore crowns, cheered our heads off . . .

And May got a flower from this guy . . .

Not these guys!

Adelaide's new favorite (it changes according to who is around) great great uncle (its actually one great but he likes the extra great in there to describe his personality) Newel. She showed everyone how she has to take off all of her clothes if she gets them even a little wet or dirty. I told them she got that from her mother. Then suddenly everyone was trying to splash May . . . I didn't get it.

Three hot bums. Three hot bums. See how they run. See how they run . . .
Old people came too. Actually these are two sweet grandmothers who took very good care us.

Addie is going to hate us.

We had three birthdays in California. One cake. Five candles. Mike = 47 Anna = 26 Addie = 3

We were able to eat at the Fisherman's on San Clemente Pier. Mmmmm good.

Swings on the beach? Why would we ever leave?

Oh yeah. We rode our bikes to San Clemente and then we rode back. What a great picture. All my favorite things . . . well, maybe if May was holding a Hawaiian Punch.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure life here would suck . . .

All year long .

To get away from the disgustingly beautiful beaches we went to Disneyland to celebrate Adelaide's third birthday. Officially it was the fourth celebration of her turning three in less than two weeks. Spoiled?

She fell asleep while I was in line getting lunch in Pleasure Island. Its better than turning into a donkey (Pinocchio reference).

Who is happier to be here?
Actually I could never figure the answer out . . .

She loves poo. Pooh?

This was her Eeyore face. Twins!

Toon Town with her friend Ava.

This was Adelaide's happiest part of the day. We walked through Mickey and Minnie's homes in Toon Town. She talked about it all the next day.

Family . . .

Annie and Adelaide in Palm Springs at bedtime. Don't they look like sisters?

Jef and Robyn's three babies and our Addie. We need more cousin time for these kids. Now that they are out here in the West we are excited for more opportunities.

You know its a good trip when you go back to work and as you walk in, you think, "Has this placed always smelled like this?"