24 June 2010

Summer, So Far

One of the most organized, go-getter ladies in my ward, Jeanette, organized a summer play group for our kids. It's been really fun and it's been good for getting our booties out of the house. So far we have attended the childrens art festival in Springville, played in the sprinklers and made Father's Day crafts, and yesterday we went to Classic Skating. Adelaide absolutely loved it and wants to go back. They are only charging $1 per hour all summer long which will make it really easy. It's really fun to get all the kids together and let them hang out. It doesn't hurt that all of us ladies can sit and chat our hearts out as well.

We've also started to bring back RockBand. We haven't played in a really long time and I figure that now is a good time because I don't have a big old preggers belly anymore. This means I can wear the guitar again:)

Little Reggie has started to do this a whole lot more which makes me totally happy.

We've walked up to the park many times since the weather has started to look up. I love having one just up the street.

Adelaide is riding her bike like a champ. We've moved the training wheels up so we'll see if we can get her riding without them by the end of the year. She did have her first wreck yesterday but she got right back on and rode the rest of the way home. She was a little sad but oh so brave.

And this is just plain cute.

19 June 2010

Rules Are For The Weak

Today's Goal:
Ride the rides at Lagoon.

Today's Obstacle:
"They" mistakenly think Adelaide is too small to ride on some of the rides.

Today's Challenge:
Teach Adelaide how to stand on tip-toes while making it look like she is standing flat-foot.

Today's Result:
Everyone is happy. (Sorry, too tired to figure out how to rotate this....)

06 June 2010

Blessing Day

Davey blessed our little Reggie today and did a wonderful job. The weather was perfect, we were surrounded by friends and family, and we ate delicious food. It's amazing how bringing a new baby into the world can help bring things back into perspective. We love him so much and are thankful (so thankful) he is a part of our family.

It was a beautiful day.