27 September 2007

Funny Stuff

My cousin had this on her site and it was hilarious. So now Davey and I can be in our own movie too!

25 September 2007

My Side Ub Duh Stowy

Sum feens hab been on my mine laylee. I an not eeben two yeows ole yet but I hab cedided sumfeen.

Iz good to be alibe.

I am lubbing duh shanges in duh sesons. Iz so nice owside. I wub it!

In wess dan fwee wees I will be tooning two yeows ole! I am been the good gill. I wub gwowing up so mush! I an walking an tawking (and typin') wike a big gill. I wub my doggy Capan Mamewica. I wub Dinney moobies. An my favite food is sheeze an pizza. I can shange my own cwothes an I am woking on been potty tained!

Awso, my May is habbing a baby in her tummy. I wub it! I an so sesited to hab a new bruver or sisa. May is tire but she innot frowing up wike she did wiff me. Dadda an me keeps are fingas cwossed!

As I said, iz good to be alibe!

19 September 2007

So Sleepy

This is all I want to do, but what I cannot do.
I am so tired.
I don't sleep well at night. I can't nap during the day, no matter how tired I am.
I have been working myself to the bone at home. I should probably relax a little.
I want to get everything done in case I start feeling sick.
I woke up and went to yoga this morning, came home mowed the law, trimmed the edges and transplanted a plant in the garden.
What am I doing?!
I tried napping on the couch, the floor, the bed, with and without my body pillow.
So I sit here at the computer instead, daydreaming about sleep.
I forgot about the tiredness, and sleeplessness.
It's all coming back to me now.

15 September 2007


WoWLyrics.com Presents: Everything In Transit by Jack's Mannequin

Last night was the University of Utah's
annual Redfest concert.
This years headliner happened to be one of my ultra-favorites, Jack's Mannequin.
They were joined by the RX Bandits, The Format, and Straylight Run (I also love).
It was amazing. These guys put on such an awesome show and are fabulous live.

The lead singer Andrew McMahon who was also a part of Something Corporate, is a Leukemia survivor. He started a foundation called the Dear Jack Foundation to raise money for research.
I don't know if it's because I think he's a great musician (who plays the piano so marvelously), that makes me want to help out and take part in this foundation or what. But, check it out for yourselves if you would like to help out the cause.

It was such an amazing show! I hate when good things have to come to an end.

12 September 2007

10 September 2007

Fizzity Fun Weekend

Next Monday is my mom's birthday. She's 27, again.
We love concerts, so at the convenient timing of
Def Leppard, Styx, and Foreigner
coming to town (Friday), Davey and I thought it a perfect present.
And it was........

Those guys can still rock it, I was so impressed.
I am not a Styx fan, but Foreigner and Def Leppard ROCKED!

My mom will be so pissed about this picture. Public service announcement:
She does not look like this all the time, only when she is making this face.
Happy birthday mom.

My dad brought his friend Christine. She really is just a friend.

I'm always the one taking pictures so I'm never in any of them.
So here's to the lame-o self portrait.

Though, I suppose I'm in this picture with Kelly and Rachel, Bri and Aaron, and Davey.

White trash forever..........

My mom received this adorable new Pom named Maddie.
She is so cute and Adelaide LOVES her.

Saturday we made our annual trip to the Greek Festival in SLC.

We've gone the past three years and will continue to go until there is no more SLC festival.

The food is to die for so Kip, Whitney, Jacob, and Wendy joined us.
It was heavenly. I am obsessed with Dolmathes!

05 September 2007

Good News And Bad News

The good news is I am ok. The bad news is our car is not.

The good news is the other driver has insurance. The bad news is I have to deal with insurance.

The good news is it was the other driver's fault. The bad news is I feel a little violated.

The good news is I am not injured. The bad news is it took almost five hours at the hospital to make sure.

The good news is, that same night, May won her chili cook-off. The bad news is there was none left for me.
I'm so tired.

An Accident And A Victory

It's true, both of these in one day. Can a girl ask for any more?

I was sitting at the computer after putting Adelaide down for a nap.
My phone rang and it was Davey on the other line.
"May, I was in a car accident".
We went through the usual conversation.
Are you ok, are you hurt, what happened, how is the car?
He was fine, but the car was not.
A lovely lady was exiting on Center street, Provo,
heading east. For those who don't know, that road merges with Center street that crosses over the freeway coming from the west.
This woman decides it's a smart idea to U-turn after the barrier from the merge, from her lane. She is in the right lane trying to turn around and go west. Davey is coming over the freeway in the left lane. Let me repeat, she is in the right lane!
She attempts the U-turn, not even thinking that someone may be right next to her, amazing.
Davey T-bones her at 35 mph. She was driving a suburban with two kids inside.
Davey was in our little accord on his way to work. Needless to say, the car is totaled.

I will report, Davey did go to the ER for insurance purposes. He is
in good condition. His back is sore and his arm was burned a little from the chemicals in the air bag.
The x-rays show no broken bones.
The lady does have insurance. She didn't even come over to apologize to Davey.
She and the kids are fine. They were able to drive away from the accident.

Now, can I recall my victory from last night? It doesn't seem right at this moment does it?
Well, I have to write about it sometime.
We had a chili cook-off for our YW/YM activity last night.
There were six entries, all of which had delicious qualities.
The missionaries came to taste test and determine the three categories of winners.
I had never made this certain chili recipe before.
Actually, this was only the second time I'd ever made chili.
I told my friend / YW president
I wouldn't win for these reasons.
I won best overall chili.
It was really good.

04 September 2007

A Day On The Range

All year, whenever golf is on the television (which isn't very long), we sit and criticize the poorly dressed, not uncommonly overweight, "athletes" that walk around all day performing even less sport-like moves than a baseball player. "How is this a sport," we ask ourselves. Of course, it is rhetorical because we all know its not a sport.

And then it happens. We go hit a bucket of balls at the local driving range. The next time we see a golfer on tv, it turns into, "Wow. How do they hit it so well every time? Did you see that putt? Look at the drive on this ball! How did he put that backspin on it?"

So thanks golfers. For finding an activity that you make look so easy while at the same time making us feel totally lame when we try it ourselves. That's also how I usually feel about artists too. Its not my fault Bob Ross makes me feel so capable of being a masterpiece maker in the world of oils and happy trees.


We spent Labor Day weekend out on the road (WOW! Out of town again?? What a surprise). This time it was up to Idaho Falls with Kip and Whitney to visit the parentals and Rick and Jen's family. Saturday we went to the family ranch just north in a little place called Humphrey. Its kind of like a cross between cattle grazing ranches and a ghost town. Just a couple of years ago the whole town was for sale. Yup, the town. My great uncle bought that too, seeing how we are the only people to ever step off of the freeway and into the actual township. Anyway, we've had a ranch up there for the last 100 years. And that's where I spent most of my summer vacations as a strapping young lad. So we had our picnic lunch, rode on an old immobile tractor, shot the guns, mooed at the cows, and I actually heard May say about the restroom facilities, "Now that is an outhouse I could go pee in."

On the way back into The Falls (that's how the locals say it) we stopped in on Rick at his fire station. He took us for the usual spin in one of the huge trucks. He lets each of the kids shoot the overhead water cannon. Then, as he was prepping to take the truck back into its garage and as I was walking away . . .. Yup. He shot me with about 100 gallons of water in two seconds. I didn't actually do anything to deserve it so directly. Its just probably owed to me over all the years and things I have said and done. At least, that's what I think he tried telling me later.

But the height of excitement for the kids is definitely Funland. Its Idaho Falls' secret theme park that is also an actual historical landmark. Its probably a landmark because the tractor engine used to turn the ferris wheel looks, oh, about two hundred years old! But its great. There is a Merry-Go-Round, a train, planes a miniature golf course and one of those spinny, uppy and downy rides that make the normal person's cheeks tighten up and turn pink as a warning to the forthcoming regurgitation of lunch if the ride isn't stopped post haste! That's why only May and Jen ride it with Adelaide and Jimmy. This time it was Jimmy's turn to stop the ride. That was always my role when I was his age. STOP THE RIDE! STOP!