26 July 2009

So long Summer Days

Summer Days has come and gone yet again.

Thursday I took Megan and Adelaide up to Payson Lake. We brought a picnic lunch and our little raft. Out on the water we jumped in and enjoyed some super fun swimming. You just have to watch out for the leftovers from fish dinners. Adelaide even jumped in with her life jacket and got to swim on her own. She loved it. Megan was also able to teach us the art of floating on driftwood. Interesting.

Friday morning was the Pioneer Breakfast at our church to celebrate Pioneer Day. Megan helped Addie deck out her tricycle for the parade march. She loved it.

But she wasn't really of fan of PEDALING in the parade.

Then we went to the Orem Owlz baseball game. One thing I love about my wife (besides that she's hot and has a body that just won't quit) is that she loves summer baseball games. We finally got to see a game that the Owlz won. Adelaide even picked up a new hat. After the game we stayed for the fireworks. If you're ever looking for a good show of explosives, baseball games are where its at! In fact the fireworks were so good I forgot that the woman who sang the national anthem messed up two words in her attempt to out-sing a song she doesn't have the talent to out-sing. Or I almost forgot . . .. What I DID forget was to take a picture of Megan or the baseball game while we were there.

Saturday we played our early morning tennis. Ethan and Mike just edged out Megan and me by winning the tie breaker after going 6-6. After the loss, I sent Megan to the store to buy herself new tennis shoes. That should be our last doubles loss.

Then we went to the Prows' home for a Birthday BBQ and cake. We visited with family, ate good food, and had cake that could kill us all. Everything a birthday is all about. Happy Birthday Megan. I am saving the cheesy birthday post for next year.

She's so hot!

24 July 2009


I'm really at a loss for words.
There just aren't words to explain it.

My mom and I haven't missed a show in six years, it's our thing and we have so much fun. (Thanks Randy for stepping in and babysitting so we didn't miss the whole thing!)

I was finally able to wear my boots. I love my boots.

This is the top of my moms head, standing up. This guy sat next to her. He had to be about 7 feet tall. He was huge! We felt bad because the event staff had to ask him to stand in the isle so people could see.

This is the closest we've ever been. We could almost see the sweat dripping down his face. It was awesome. It was such a great show, thanks Kenny for gracing us with your musical presence.

Come again soon.

19 July 2009

100 Degrees + (aka: it was hot as crap)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE going to concerts, especially great ones?
This one did not disappoint. Jack's Mannequin and The Fray, two of my favorites in the same venue. Who could ask for more?

Have you noticed how I attend almost all of the concerts with my mother? I do, we share the love.

This picture tells a story:
1: My totally sweet purple Jack's Mannequin shirt was my hot purchase of the night.
2: I wish I could leave my purse in the car when I go to concerts. I'm too anal to have it out of my sight.
3: See that kettle corn? I ate almost the whole freaking bag during the show. Delicious.
4: Those two paper cups of water cost us $7.50, what a joke! They won't give you the bottle at USANA anymore. What sucks the most is that there is some water/soda left in the bottle after they pour it into the cup, it goes to waste. I paid for that ounce of water, dang it!
5: Adelaide left me the cutest message when she was going to bed. She had a hard time because I wasn't there to put her to bed. She sounded so sad/sweet all at the same time.

Jack's Mannequin was freaking amazing as usual. I wish they could have played longer, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get. I didn't get a decent picture of The Fray because my camera doesn't take pictures at night, I'm kind of bummed about it.

Can you believe these people? They sat and played cards through Jack's entire set. How can anyone sit and play cards at a concert! I could play games at home and save a few bucks.

We had so much fun. I can't even explain how much fun I have at these things. Concerts have to be one of my top five favorite things to do, ever. I also have to say, I love my concert buddies, Rach, Mel, mom, you guys rock.

Until next time.
(BEWARE, my mom and I are going to Kenny Chesney on Thursday, another concert post to come)

13 July 2009

Summer Days Part I

-Adelaide rides on my bike.
-Megan wears a helmet.
-I know CPR.
-I know how to fix bikes.
-I only had to worry about 3 of the 4 above issues.

Yesterday we went to Megan's aunt and uncle's missionary homecoming. We stayed at their house for nearly six hours. We ate SO much junk food that even I felt gross inside. SO when May suggested we have a big ride on Monday to make up for it, I was on board.

It started with May finding two early "Summer Days" (for those of you who don't know, Summer Days is the one to three week summer celebration of Megan's birthday) presents on her bike. The first is a new rear bike rack with a fold away basket (she wants to start using the bike for simple grocery store runs) and new bicycle shorts (the ones with the pads inside to make the trip a little less straining on the human saddle area).

Then we hit the trail for a 25 mile Up-to-Bridal-Veil-Falls-and-back ride. The ride was fun, refreshing, and uneventful for the first 18 to 20 miles. At one point I pulled alongside Megan so Adelaide could spank May's butt (a family favorite). Addie missed and as I continued to pass, Megan's handlebar got caught in Addie's rear seat. It turned Megan right and then left, and then up and over. That's right. Up and over. She fell headfirst into the bike path. When I heard the crunch of her helmet on the concrete my heart sank. I pulled over just in time for Adelaide and me to see her flip the bike up and over herself after crashing to the ground. I pulled Addie out and rushed to Megan. There was a rock the size of a giant gumball lodged into Megan's helmet. Road rash on her back. Scrapes on her elbow and an impact crater, from landing on a rock, in her hand.

After some tears (I think more from Addie than Megan. She was pretty shaken up about it), I pulled Megan up, got the rock out of her helmet, and put the chain back on her bike.
We even stopped in at the store for groceries and got lunch before getting home. May's a trooper. I tried to tell her that tears in the shower that come from scrubbing asphalt out of wounds is not wimpy.

Now her back kind of looks like this.

She's just grateful she had that helmet on and so am I. I had never heard the crunching sound a helmet makes on a headfirst impact. I can go without that again. Every time I hit the ground growing up it was without a helmet and I show the effects from that every day.

Well, now May is fine and I am too as long as she continues to forget that this whole thing was my fault.
Shh . . ..

PS- I will include a picture of her hip as soon as the bruise finishes coming in all the way.


Adelaide and I went to the farmer's market on Saturday. I have to say that I've been a little disappointed in it this year. There's hardly any produce but there is no shortage of baby bows and necklaces.
Also, I want to buy local but they charge so much money for their little packages of raspberries and cherries. You would think it would be cheaper, but it's not. The waffles and sweet tea are about the only redeeming qualities.

Thank goodness, to spare me from my annoyance, there was a VW car show going on in the park. There was a bunch of cool restored cars, this one was my favorite. The inside was done in black and red vinyl to match the outside. It was super-rad.

What happened to the farmers at the farmer's market?

05 July 2009

4th of a Weekend

We started off the weekend with an Owlz baseball game and some treats. My dad and Jessie joined us for the fun.

I mean, what is more American than baseball? Unfortunately the Owlz lost to Ogden. Better luck next time boys.

There was an awesome fireworks show after the game. I must say the fireworks were wayyyy better than the Stadium of Fire.

We attempted the Freedom Festival parade on Saturday morning with Ethan and Natalie. This pictures only shows a smidge of how crowded it was. It was terrible! The kids were so excited for candy and they hardly threw any, the parking was miserable, and the amount of people made it almost impossible to see what was going on. Thanks to some nice people, the kids were able to squeeze up front so they could actually watch the parade.

Note to self: never go to the Freedom Festival parade again.

That night we did a few fireworks at our house. It was a good thing because when we got to the park to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, they didn't allow us to do any. Not even sparklers!

We did however, enjoy a ton of bad-for-you munchies and good company while we waited.

Another note to self: don't go to the Stadium of Fire fireworks ever again.

We waited and waited for them to start, then they did and we were excited. They went for five minutes and then stopped. Again we waited, five minutes, ten minutes. Nothing. Our past experiences with the Stadium of Fire have not been great (except once, like 5 years ago) so we thought that this must be another lame show. So we packed up our stuff and left. As we were driving away the fireworks started again. Of course! How stupid is that! Who does that with a fireworks show?

All in all it was a good day. It was nice to spend time with friends and family and to think about what a great country we live in.

Happy birthday America, we love you.