30 July 2008

Fried, Green, and Tasty

I tried something today that I never have before.....................
Fried, green tomatoes.

I've been getting antsy for my tomatoes to ripen and I just couldn't take it anymore.
So, I went to my garden, plucked two plump greenies and cut 'em up.

I dredged them in milk, then dipped them in Italian breadcrumbs, then fried them on the stove in a little olive oil.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. They turned out great!

25 July 2008


And another special person new to the family.

23 July 2008


I accidentally chose the most fabulous spot for a garden in my yard. I had great success last year, so I went for it again this year. Instead of planting only tomatoes and yellow squash I went crazy! I planted mini-sweet red peppers, corn, and zucchini too. I have already had the joy of eating one yellow squash and two zucchini this year from my glorious plants.

However, I wasn't prepared for the sheer enormity of these plants. My veggies got big last year, but nothing like this...............(these pictures do not do them justice)

The corn isn't even done growing and it's taller than me.
Those are my little pepper plants to the right of the corn.

These are my tomatoes, started from seed by my dear grandpa.
They have toppled their cages over and are now being held up by wire
because they are so huge!
They come up to my chest by the way.

The most amazing of all, are my zucchini and squash. You can see them squished between the tomatoes and fence. I only planted one zucchini and one squash plant! That huge mass is from two tiny little plants! They too come up to my chest.
Next year I'll have to give everything more space.
The heat reflects off of the southwest side of our house
and the plants are soaking it up, literally.

I am now taking requests for veggies from my garden.
Tomatoes are on, but not ripe yet.
The squash and zucchini look as if they will be ready in about
a week or so.

(In a voice like Jim Carrey's) YUMMY!

21 July 2008

Babyshower Bonanza

I must start by saying that I never thought my sisters would produce nieces and nephews for me. Hallelujah I was wrong! Anna and Steve came up for her baby shower this weekend and it was great. (Note: I managed to have an enjoyable weekend regardless of not feeling well and on antibiotics for strep throat. Again, for the second time in two months.)

I think the table turned out adorable.
Thanks to my mom for the decorations and paper goods.
Thanks to Steve's mom Robin for the delicious food!
(And Grandma for your yummy special punch)

She received a bunch of fun gifts......

and a diaper cake to boot.

We made it up to one of my favorite summer spots,
Payson Lakes for a bit of rafting.

While we were in the neighborhood,
Anna and I had to show Steve what cool Payson kids did
in their spare time.
I know some of you know the place, it still rocks!

18 July 2008

Led Zeppelin Anonymous

I have a problem. Its initials are Led and Zeppelin. I got hooked on them in Junior High and they have been a solid rock for me in my life since then. Zep has been the inspirational music behind many road trips, foolhardy stunts, relationships and yes, the first time I read the Book of Mormon cover to cover I was accompanied by the boxed set and my trusty walkman. And I still got an answer, so the Big Men upstairs must have been alright with that.
As life has gone on and as Addie has become the DJ in our car, I hear less and less of the ONLY decent foursome to come from Great Britain.
So the other day when I ran into a tight spot, I was a little unsure of what I should do. I was alone. I just pulled up to the Home Depot on a sunshiny ninety-five plus degree afternoon. As I parked the car and turned it off, I heard that familiar picking coming through the truck's speakers. The truck was off and all I had to do was pull out the key to silence the tune. But I couldn't. Stairway was on the radio.
If I learned anything from Led Zeppelin Anonymous and years off rehab, it was this. You can always count on your friends. So I texted them. Ten or so. And I asked them what I should do.

Pat: Get an ipod.
We all know that hearing a song on the radio is WAY different from hearing it on your ipod or cd. Its like the world is accepting your song when its on the radio. It means more.
Chris: Pray that its playing in the store.
Although I would have missed those thirty seconds, Chris is trying to help me through my rehab. Praying its on in the store tells me to look for Led Zeppelin but don't rely on it. And although he is trying to be my friend, my addiction overpowered me when I found these statements.

Adam: I would think it is obvious.
Steve: You know what to do.
Brian: Stay in the car.
Wendy: You sit and listen.
Jef: Enjoy it.
Brandon: Put the chair back and take a nap.
Josh: Fake like you're doing work in the car.
Randy: Be buff. More than ever.
Papanig: Roll a doobie.

So I sat. Windows up, truck off.

. . . to be a rock, and not to roll.

07 July 2008

My Favorite Holiday

One of these days Davey will have the desire to blog again. Until then, the burden rests on me. So here is our photo extravaganza from the 4th. We went to see Davey's family in Idaho Falls. Adelaide had a blast with her cousins and once again, she didn't fail to surprise us with her nakedness.

The Grande Parade


She got a crack out of waving her flag out the window.

I love her beautiful face.

She even convinced mommy to play tennis.

We raced go-karts, road bumper boats, and played mini golf
at Riot Zone.
Heck yeah!

We did watch the biggest fireworks show west of the Mississippi. You got it people, Idaho Falls has one spectacular show over the river. No pictures though, I was busy watching them.

Last but certainly not least, Adelaide loves playing this piano.
At the end she says:
"Stop it picture. (Sigh) I spank your butt"!

She cracks me up!

01 July 2008


My mother and little brother came down this weekend to chill with us. Seeing as how I am a staff member at UVU, we decided it only fitting to attend the celebration. We took a tour of the new library (I have to say I was a little disappointed with the interior), and went to the Joe Nichols concert followed by glorious fireworks. While I was taking pictures, I decided I wanted to stick to a theme. Close up. So, as you will see, the following pictures are primarily up close and personal. Some were a little too personal if you know what I mean. My mom would kill me if I put those ones up.

She is a stripper. I can't get her to keep her clothes on, even in public.
In her defense, it was freaking H to the izzot!

My cute bro Jake


Jess and mom

This was the only cleavage shot I was allowed to post.
Any guesses on who it is? 20 bucks?