27 September 2008

And The Award Goes To . . .

Only some of you already know.
For the last two years I have won "Father of the Year"(2006,2007).
The only reason I didn't win in '05 was that Addie was born too late in the year for me to be eligible (freakin' Megan!).
Anyway, I have been nominated for the award again this year.
They have us submit an essay, some photos and a video.
This year, I am only sending in the video.
Here it is:

What are my chances?

24 September 2008

Y Not?

We were bored.
Thats usually when trouble starts for Adelaide and me.
Because, then I start thinking.
Thats usually when trouble starts for Megan.

I got Addie dressed, did her hair (I can usually avoid a chunk of the punishment resulting from my ideas if I can tell May, "At least I did her hair"). Grabbed her shoes and loaded us both into the truck. We drove around a little while singing along to the Killers and some Pearl Jam. Before I knew it we ended at the parking lot that invokes fear into the hearts of those that know me best.

Thats right, the parking lot at the base of Y Mountain. Or as some of you know it, the parking lot where you leave your car before hiking to Alien Grove.

We didn't have markers for our No-Alien tattoos, so I decided Addie and I would just hike the Y. Its good practice for next months trip home to California and all the hiking we will do around Disneyland. She did great, hiked about half the trail, peed in the bushes once, caught two grasshoppers and threw four hundred sixty-two rocks down the famously painted alphabetical.

Thats right. Her Etch'n'Sketch made the trip too.
It was a must.

Now that we are home, I need a nap . . .. Why doesn't she?

Turn up the volume to hear the hiking song.

20 September 2008

A New Addition

Welcome to the world Sophie Ryan!
Anna (my brave sister) and Steve,
endured 9 hours of labor last night
for her to arrive this morning in all her adorable glory.
She was born just before 7am, 6 pounds 15 ounces,
18 1/2 inches long.

Mom, dad, and baby are wonderful!

15 September 2008

Utah State Fair

It was a huge tradition growing up that we would go to the Utah State Fair for my mom's birthday. We haven't done it as a big family in a long time, but it's a tradition I have fond memories of. I love unhealthy fair food, and carnival rides, and stinky cows. There's just something about it.
We missed you this year mom, but we went and sent you the fun through ESP! (Did you feel it?)

Are you really surprised? She rode twice, that's right, two pony rides.

She was amazed at the sheer enormity of the geese.

Cute baby cow!

Do you see how tall this thing is?!!!
I am 5'5" and it was taller than me. Freakin' huge!
(that shirt makes me look deceivingly pregnant, sorry guys)

She had a blast! (shhhh, so did we)

P.S. I need to put a plug in for the grilled corn on the cob.
Fabulously deliciously delightful!

02 September 2008

Welcome Back

Actually, we haven't been gone. But since it has been two weeks since we shared anything, it seemed like a homecoming. What have we been doing?
May has been growing her garden like a mo-fo. You have to know that her garden area is about ten feet by one foot, and yet most times I think she reaps as much as full-time farmers. If we had local fairs like the old days, she would have many a blue ribbon. That's a for sure.

Adelaide's cowboy dreams came true (again) when she got to ride a horse all by herself.

Addie also had her first venture into the world of roller skating.

And although she still prefers to ride in the stroller than skate, she still insisted on wearing her skates while cruising around.

We tried doing Onion Days in Payson for the hundredth straight year. Too bad it was the day of the Hundred Year Storm.

It rained so hard the drainage system all overflowed. There were inches of water running down the street with the paraders. Lightning was crashing all around and the heavy rainfall and winds totally drowned out the feeble attempts to stay dry under umbrellas and canopies. Thats right. Utah, September 1 = 42 degrees!

And then this morning I realized just how long Adelaide's hair had gotten in these two weeks. See what you don't notice when you don't blog?!