21 November 2009

New Moon

I took Megan out on a date this morning. A date in the morning? Yes, a date in the morning. I wanted to surprise her and take her to see the new vampire movie, "New Moon". What husband voluntarily takes his wife to that movie? This one.

But the only way for me to minimize the number of cape-wearing, fanged-teeth, pale-skinned old women in love with and fantasizing about 17 year-old boys is to stay away from any of the local bars. But another good way is to go to any early morning screening of the latest vampire movie, while all the creepy cougars are still at home "putting their faces on".

But I will leave the official movie review for Megan.

What I want to talk about is babysitting. My brothers and Megan's dad are our tag team crew of male chaperons. These three bachelors shoulder the load of tending Adelaide based on whoever is at that time pissing us off the least and doesn't have a date. This morning while Megan's dad is at the temple and Kip is in the middle of his sleeping until one in the afternoon, it fell to Randy.

In all fairness, Addie torments her babysitters. She is a nonstop train of energy, laughs, and games. She is the boss when they show up and both her and the babysitter know it. So when we get home from our outings its always nervous to look around the house searching for survivors, i.e. the babysitters.

This is what we found today.

Addie's room.

The spare bedroom.

Our room.

I found this on Randy's phone.
Addie, her toilet seat, Captain, the bathroom, the toilet.

Thanks anyway Randy.

16 November 2009


We attended our first Grizzlies game of the year. The shocker was, they actually won. We can't remember the last time we went to see the Grizzlies where they won a game. The fights were awesome too. You know why you go to hockey games, right? The fights. Oh, and the cotton candy, and the kettle corn.

09 November 2009

The Two-Wheeler (or 4)

This video makes me laugh. She loves her new bike so much.
I'm glad the weather has been nice enough that she can ride it.

02 November 2009


How many dogs are in this picture?

Friday was our wards trunk or treat. Davey stayed close to the hulk. He was afraid.

We had doughnut eating contests.

Adelaide even played along.

Saturday night we went to the Grandview neighborhood with the Tuellers and the Shupes to trick or treat. I think the kids made out pretty well. It was the first time we took Adelaide trick or treating and she loved it!