30 April 2009

Tip-Toe Through the Tulips

Adelaide and I had a nice afternoon with Natalie and the kids
at the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival.

She loves to smell the flowers. They were absolutely gorgeous.

We took a lot of pictures.

The kids ran around and had a blast.
Natalie's friend McKenly (sp?)
and her two little ones joined us as well.

Muscles and cool shades for sure.

We ended the day with a good roll down this monster hill.
Natalie and I had to join the kids, it was just too tempting.

Ethan and his parents joined us toward the end of the trip
but I didn't get any pictures. Sorry dudes!

We had a great time. We missed you Lindsey!

26 April 2009

I Think It's The IBC

So what do you do after dinner with family, some ice cream, and a little too much IBC root beer?
In May's family, we arm wrestle.

Then we have a rematch.

Then we try left handed.

Then, when all of those fail, we "Native American" (for the P.C. crowd) leg wrestle.

Then we have the kids do it. Gotta start young . . ..

Then we give them a false sense of confidence so when they lose when they get older, they will be surprised.

IBC Root Beer. When you don't want to be responsible for your actions, its the drink of choice.

23 April 2009

Are You Serious?

I must start by saying that I am extremely disappointed. I begged for comments in my last post and I got 2... 2 people! Thank you to the two of you that made some recommendations to us in our time of need. Where was everyone else? You could have put something like, 'I have no idea', or 'I've never had my carpets cleaned before so I'm clueless', anything like that would have worked, really it would have. Or even, 'I like being dirty and I like gross carpets so I wouldn't think of cleaning them'. That would have worked too.

Anyway, moving on...

I wanted to thank Ryan and Ashley for this idea. We hope we understood how you do it exactly, so here it goes
(slightly modified):

1. Adelaide picked 15 of her favorite rocks
2. She picked her favorite color and painted them beautifully
3. I picked two rocks and painted them brown
(hopefully she doesn't need more than that)
4. She has her very own "good girl" jar
5. Every time she does something good, sweet, wonderful, etc.,
she gets to put a "good rock" in the jar
6. When she accumulates 15 rocks, she gets a treat or prize for her efforts
7. However, if she is naughty, she gets a brown rock
8. She cannot accumulate any more "good rocks" until she resolves this naughty rock
9. She does this by apologizing, being sweet, and so on
10. Then she can start accumulating "good rocks" again

We feel this can help in many areas. Recognizing good deeds from naughty ones, conflict resolution, counting, getting something only when you work for it, and probably more things I can't even think of.

Anyway, we hope this works. We as parents are in the habit of giving her things just cause she asks for it, so I think this will help us out as well. Sometimes we have a hard time sticking to things, so lets see how this works out.

17 April 2009

We Need a Recommendation!

Ok my peeps, I am officially begging for comments. But only if you have an answer or suggestion to what I need to know.

And what I need to know is, what company do you recommend to clean carpets and couches?
Yikes! I know it's a lot to ask but we need some suggestions. There are so many cleaning places out there that I don't even know where to start.

Which is better Chemical or Shampoo?
Has anyone had their carpets and/or couches cleaned and totally loved it? Are you just exploding inside because you know of someone so good that you have to share it?

We need your help because I can't live with our filthy couches and family room floor any longer.


13 April 2009

The Falls in a Flash

We made a quick trip to Idaho Falls this weekend.
First, it was Brenna's birthday party.
She is the big 2 now and so cute.
Next, was Brandon's baby blessing. Unfortunately the little guy was sleeping or eating most of the time so I didn't get a picture. But believe me, he is adorable.

Adelaide met the creepy Easter Bunny. She met him last year too and he is so very creepy. I should have taken a picture of him when there wasn't a child on his lap. The way he sat in his chair was not inviting. I don't know how to explain it but I promise you wouldn't have liked it either.

Davey's brother Rick is a firefighter. Every year they have a friends and family egg hunt which is awesome. They have TONS of eggs for the kids. I think Davey and Adelaide were the first one's to fill her basket. They wasted no time.

Adelaide and Robert had a blast.
She likes to follow him wherever he goes.
They are only four months apart and he is so much taller than her!

We managed to get in some time at the park and a little tennis too (what's funny is that she isn't swatting at the ball, she spent most of the time swatting at gnats). Thanks for the kid-sized racquet Ma and Pa.

Then off to the baby blessing in a new Easter dress (for Addie, not me which is unfortunate because I need a new dress really bad). She does look pretty though, doesn't she?

06 April 2009


Here it is. Our new ride. I like to think of it as a super-cool mini-minivan. It's a Mazda 5 and it seats six. It also has a sun/moon roof and aux for my ipod.

A word to those in search of a new ride of their own:
Search in California, cars are so cheap there right now.

I love this vehicle. I love it. Oh, another bonus:
We get to have California plates for a year. It's almost like living there. Almost...

05 April 2009

A Good Weekend

We had an excellent, fun-filled weekend. First, we attempted to take Bruce for a walk.
Let's just say he didn't want to so Davey ended up carrying him. But hey, we tried.

It was also time for the annual Liechty Easter Egg Hunt. This is one of my favorite events of the year. We are sad that it has come and gone but we are already looking forward to next year.

It was extra-great because Anna, Steve and Sophie were able to come up this year. Addie was super excited to see her cousin.

Then, we went and had a fabulous bridal lunch at Red Rock for Anna. She was such a champ to wear the crown (for 2 seconds).

The girls in the fam (I think you are trying to say 'cheese' mom!)

Genevieve and Jacey (two of Anna's bestest friends)

We had a great time with everyone this weekend. Thank you! What makes it better is that I am starting to feel better so I was able to enjoy it. One more week and I should be as good as new.

p.s. Where is Davey in all of this you ask? Well, we found a fabulous deal on the car we have come to adore online. The problem is that this car happened to be in California. It was a deal we couldn't pass up so we took care of the business over the phone and Davey took off to Carlsbad Saturday morning to pick it up. It was totally cheaper to go to California to get the car than to get one locally. Sorry Utah economy. He should be home any minute. I hope. He told me if he saw the beach he might not come home. Adelaide and I just might have to leave and join him.