27 July 2007

Auf Wiedersehen

Vacationland USA here we come!

26 July 2007

What A Day

This contraption screams bad day doesn't it?
I've been stressed a bit due to the fact that I just returned Saturday from girls camp, and I've been trying to get our things together to travel to Maine.

I decided that Adelaide and I needed a walk this afternoon when she woke up from her nap.
I noticed a stream of wetness coming from the spot where our house and stairs meet the sidewalk.
My dad pointed it out to me yesterday but I thought nothing of it........until today.
We walked out of the garage and I noticed it was still there.
I started to investigate.
On the other side of our stairs in my flower garden, I noticed a bunch of water bubbling up from under the stairs.


I called Davey in a panic, so he had me try to turn off the water that feeds the sprinklers.
What did I do?
I broke one of the valves, so the water starts gushing from the sprinkler box.
That makes not only one, but two leaks flowing into our yard.

Davey had to come running from work because I didn't know what to do.
He managed to turn off the stop-waste so at least one of the leaks was brought to a halt.

Next task, shutting off the main water supply.
Luckily we have one of those long turny offy sprinkler thingys so we could stop the water flow from the main pipe. Since shutting off the stop-waste didn't solve the problem,
that means it is the main connection to Provo city.


Did I tell you we leave Saturday for the other side of the country!?

Stress-much. Then, husband of the year decides to call our main landscape man Bret.
(If any of you need one, let us know. He is the best.)
We thought he only did landscaping, but low and behold, plumbing is also on his list.
Man of many talents.
Thank you Davey for listening to that little voice in your head telling you to call him.

He comes to the rescue and hooks us up with some water (temporarily), thanks to our lovely neighbors allowing us to connect a hose to their house.
Explaining the lovely contraption above.

He isn't able to fix it until Monday, so this will work until then.
He hooked the hose to the washer connection to feed the whole house.


Tell me this isn't foreshadowing our trip.

As a community, I am asking you to cross your fingers, pray, say 'break a leg', good luck, everything will be fine.

I need a vacation.

25 July 2007

Summer Days III

Happy Birthday Megan.

Summer Days continued last night with a trip to the local
Single A Angels baseball team hosting some rag-tag group of boys from Great Falls. The Angels (Owlz) lost 6-5 thanks to horrific coaching on the part of our coaching staff. The good news was the free fireworks show afterwards. They put on a pretty good show. Maybe Stadium of **yawn** Fire should take notes.

And as Summer Days closes tonight with dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, I'd like to thank everyone for their participation in making Megan think that turning 27 ain't no thang!

24 July 2007

Summer Days II

Day Two of Summer Days was Sunday. We had some family and friends over for a real live Channings Bundt Cake. I would have taken pictures, but before I could get the camera, everyone was outside playing homerun derby and the cake was devoured!
Of course, Day Three was spent at Seven Peaks Water Park. Nuf said.
Today (Day Four) started with the usual Pioneer Day breakfast in our church's backyard. This includes free pancakes, free sausage, free milk, free butter, free syrup, free orange juice and a free Pioneer Day Kid's Parade. May is looking at me like that because to get everyone's attention for the picture I asked, "Who wants drugs?"

Adelaide's handcart of choice would have been the Fisher-Price "Rock, Roll'N'Ride".

No Pioneer Day would be complete without sticky-yummy candy.

Summer Days I

When May turned 23, she told me she hated birthdays, didn't want to have any more birthdays, and hated getting older. Yes, at 23, she was done that! (that's how they talk in Maine)
So I invented a holiday season celebrating many terrific and wonderful things that by coincidence falls every year around the same time my wife was birthed. It also happens to absorb such holidays and celebrations as Pioneer Day and Spanish Fork's Fiesta Days. The first official day, this being the fourth year, of Summer Days was Saturday. May got home from Girls Camp in the afternoon. She barely had time to get ready before we were off. First, May opened her Summer Days Celebration Awards (presents).

Among her gift cards to her two favorite shopping destinations (Ikea and Apple's i-tunes ) May finally got herself some body pillows. She has always wanted some and I couldn't pass on these. They are the softest little big pillows you will ever find. Ever.

Then we met Papanig at Ihop for some early dinner and then we headed south to our favorite rodeo. Even Adelaide got into the festive spirit.

12 July 2007

My job.

I am not usually one to take photos of myself with my own cellular phone, but here is a special treat.

This is what I wear to work.

This is what I look like in my "blue collar" uniform.

This is what I look like in my green hard hat (notice the crane safety sticker).

And THIS is what I look like after being stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes.


Sing a round: We did "Row, row, row your boat"

Call your loved ones and tell them good-bye

Think about how you will survive if the elevator went crashing down

Sing "99 bottles of beer" and see how far you get (we hit bottle 59)

It goes well with May's last post about how good of a day I was already having.

11 July 2007

Rude Kids And Accidents

Let's start with the rude kids.
Yesterday, we went here. Like we do many times a week.

Now that I'm a mother, I am able to see into the thoughts of my child and
other children much more than I used to. ESP you know (yep, I have it).

There is a little baby splash pool at Seven Peaks with a fun slide that
Adelaide can go down all by herself. Unfortunately many other kids can go down it by themselves too.

This brings me to one of my new HUGE pet peeves......
kids that sneak in line and parents that don't do anything about it.

Every time we take Adelaide to this slide I have to stand by her to make sure that no little brat sneaks in front of her. This may seem small and petty, but yesterday being our 12th time at the Peaks this summer, it is really starting to get on my nerves.

I know that some little kids don't understand and they are learning too.
I have to keep Addie in line so she doesn't sneak past others as well.
But.....I do just that, keep Addie in line and regulate when she tries to move.

The other moms are sitting around the pool watching their kids.
But that's it, just watching. They don't do anything about it.
I realize that you can't have your eye on them every second, but come on.
We would be there for 20 minutes and not one parent would say
anything to their child.


Ok, next topic.


Davey had his last softball game of the season last night. We are sad, but there is always next year. We couldn't have asked for more to go wrong.

Let's do this in order.

(no picture)
Adelaide biffs it on the asphalt by the field.
She hits her head (now bruised) and skins her knee.


Ethan drills a ball right into Davey's shoulder trying to throw to first base.
Miraculously, he still made the throw to first base and Davey's shoulder is sore.

Our car gets hit in the parking lot.We have a nice little note on the windshield.
The jerk tells Davey he should have parked better. I think the jerk should have watched where he was going. We were parked just fine.

Just to make it all better, Adelaide discovered the paper shredder this morning.
We had the note on the desk so we could call the jerk to get our car fixed.
I was relaxing on the couch after yoga and Davey was doing trip
preparations at the computer. We hear the shredder begin to shred.
Note from jerk was gone.

09 July 2007

Three Posts For Today (Check Them All)


Italian Gelato, with a waffle biscuit.

Adelaide and I ate gelato at this most delicious new hot spot today.
It has only been open a couple of weeks and I say that you MUST check it out.
We shared the Raspberry and Hazelnut flavors.

I tried to find it online but had no luck.
It is located next to Los Hermanos and Hickory Kist on Center street in Provo.

It's a totally cool, hip place so check it out!

(p.s. You will not receive the fancy dish as shown above, but you will get a cool little dish with a funky spoon.)

To All The Haters

This is dedicated to the haters (Ethan) who didn't think
my garden would grow.
This is the bounty I picked today.

I did a little saute with a yellow squash and it was oh so yummy.

I just may have a green thumb after all.
Though I must admit that my green pepper and one of the
strawberry plants did not survive.
It was too hot.
But, the squash and tomatoes are thriving!

Simply Amazing

This guy is fabulous.
I got goosebumps when I heard him sing.

05 July 2007

The Hot, Hot 4th

Davey, Adelaide, my dad, and I went up to the North Ogden Cherry Days
celebration on this lovely, ridiculously hot, 4th of July.
I used to live there when I was a tyke and it was a tradition to go every year.
It was fun to go back.

We met my great uncle Clarence and great aunt Debbie, had some yummy Greek food, then headed to the park to enjoy the festivities.

After melting away for a few hours, my dad took off to spend
the rest of the night with Clarence and Debbie, while we went
to my uncle Bret and aunt Susan's annual bash.

Davey and Adelaide enjoyed the swimming pool.
Davey had to borrow a hot pair of Bret's shorts to wear
because we weren't prepared.

Jumping on the trampoline.

Hanging out with family and meeting Anna's new guy Steve
(who is fabulously nice).

Then the long awaited fireworks began.
They shoot them off from Weber High and I must say it's a pretty good show.



It was a great day. This is my favorite holiday ever.
I love the patriotism and celebration that it brings, along with
family gatherings and yummy food.
Speaking of yummy food, Bret makes five different flavors of homemade
ice cream which are to die for.
Pralines and Cream was my favorite.
Until next year.......