30 January 2009


In my younger college days I was part of a band.

Flash forward, sometimes I let Adelaide dress herself for a dance party.

Anybody who saw me play in Chris Jones' Band should recognize this .

She just needs a tambourine . . .

24 January 2009

Meet Bruce

We added a little Holland Lop to our family.

Captain is a little skeptical.

I think there might be a fight between
Captain America and Bruce Wayne.

11 January 2009

Hayday of the Gods?

Many people ask us why our blog's title is "Hayday of the Gods". Well it is a combination from when May and I each had our own blogs. But the upkeep was huge. So we figured one blog, two authors would be a lighter workload. Her blog was "Hayday of Mayday", an intelligent spin on her nickname. Mine was "Hammer of the Gods". Most took it as some Mormon interpretation of gods and Armageddon when actually it has a double interpretation. The first is a tribute to my favorite superhero group of all time, The Avengers. Namely, Thor. For crying out loud, my dog's name is Captain America. The other meaning of my blog's title was a tribute to Led Zeppelin.



Speaking of tributes to Led Zeppelin, for Christmas May bought me two tickets to see No Quarter. They are a tribute band that plays all Zeppelin (funny enough, another tribute band goes by the name "Hammer of the Gods"). They also dress Zeppelin, move Zeppelin and act Zeppelin.


In high school Page and Plant came on their "Unledded" tour. My mom said I needed to save my $20 for college. So I got to hear about it from my friends the next day who loved Jimmy Plant and Robert Page (yeah, thats what they told me, my friends who went didn't even know its Jimmy PAGE and Robert PLANT). The terrible lack of foresight by my mother (look where college got me) made me certain I would never see Led Zeppelin in concert in my lifetime.

I was wrong.

Jones & Plant during Whole Lotta Love

I saw Led Zeppelin last night. Without any disrespect to the original Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham (God rest his soul), the band I saw last night carries their spirit, enthusiasm and musical ability the best anyone could in an awe-inspiring tribute performance. It does not seem to me that these were four guys playing in the garage that just wanted to play Zeppelin (who would blame them?). These four guys could hold their own with any other band I have ever seen in concert.

Pgae during Dazed And Confused

I could close my eyes and I was back in 1973 home from my tour in 'Nam, staying with some war buddies in New York. Madison Square Garden. I guess the only difference I could tell was I was closer to the stage this time and didn't "drop" any acid.

Bonham during Moby Dick

It was freaking awesome!

I recommend anyone who loves Zeppelin to join me next time No Quarter comes to town. I am going to pass around the sign-up sheet. Put your name down and any requests . . ..

05 January 2009


We went to see this most awesome exhibit this weekend. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. After viewing this exhibit I can say with most conviction ( I knew this before but I know it the most now) that there truly is a God. There is no way in the luck of the world that the human body (or any living thing for that matter) could happen by accident.

Everything is so perfectly linked, intertwined, and positioned that it really had to be made by the, beyond-smart that we can't even comprehend, God. I've learned in school about the human body and it's functions, but, until I saw it in front of my little eyes, I didn't realize how complex and perfect it is (yet not perfect). Even more amazing is this thing called Plastination that preserves the bodies so perfectly. Did I say amazing? Well it is amazing!

I know the exhibit ends Sunday but, if you haven't seen it yet get your booties to the exhibit stat.
It is well worth it I say, well worth it.