26 October 2009


Saturday was Davey's birthday. We've had so much cake lately that I decided to make my homemade scrumptious brownies instead. Delicious.
On that same Saturday, Adelaide had a Halloween party at her gym. She was excited to wear her costume (she wears roller skates too).

On that exact same evening, Stacy scored us some tickets to a haunted house.
We enjoyed some sushi, fear, and the delicious brownies.
It was a good day.

24 October 2009


Happy Birthday. 31 years have treated you well, I hope your day was wonderful.
Love, May

20 October 2009

So Cal (in pictures)

For Erica - We were at Capo beach and Crescent Bay.

05 October 2009

Fall Already?

Davey's brother Rick and his family came down to hang out with us for the weekend. We enjoyed swimming at the Legacy Center, dinner at Red Lobster, and an afternoon up South Fork. I think the kids had the best time of all. Adelaide LOVES hanging out with her cousins and talks about them all the time. We wish we could be closer to the rest of you!

It was pretty cold, but fall here is so beautiful. If only we could have the beauty and not the cold.