27 December 2011


 We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Muir's house.
 We made gingerbread and sugar cookies for Santa.

 The kids got their Christmas Eve jammies.
 Addie discovered that Santa ate the cookies and drank his milk on Christmas morning!
 Santa even brought her a Lalaloopsy.
 Reggie got a racetrack from Santa and loves it.
He had his first candy cane and thought it was delicious.

We spent Christmas morning with Dad and Paula then went up to Grandma Liechty's for the afternoon. Of course I forgot my camera so we have no pictures of that, but it was a nice Christmas day.

20 December 2011

I Spy

This almost seems wrong to post, but it was too funny not to.
Look closely, do you notice something out of place? 2 somethings?
Adelaide came running into the kitchen in her dance clothes with this silly look on her face. I didn't notice at first but then she announced, "look mom, I have boobs!".

18 December 2011

Closer to Christmas

 Addie and her kindergarten class sang Christmas songs to us on Friday. It is fun to see her participating in school activities. She seems so grown up.

My dad took Addie to St. George with him Friday night so we took Reggie to the Provo Towne Center mall to ride the train. He loved it.

Then we took him to see the lights at Temple Square. It was beautiful as usual.

We went to the old tabernacle to warm up and found that they were broadcasting a Christmas concert from the new tabernacle. I snapped this picture from where we were sitting, I think it looks awesome.

I can't believe there are only six days until Christmas. This year has gone by so quickly. Adelaide is out of school for two weeks which should be fun. Do you know what I'm excited about? The winter solstice. The shortest day of the year is almost here. This means on to more daylight!

11 December 2011

Almost Christmas

 Adelaide is really excited this year. 
So excited that she dressed up as Santa at Ma and Pa Idaho's house over Thanksgiving.
 We finally got our tree up today. This was the first year Adelaide really wanted to help.
She did an awesome job hanging all of her ornaments from great-grandma Liechty.
 Reggie is such a good little helper. He loves to help me do things around the house. 
But then there are Christmas ornaments. He likes to destroy them instead.
The tree looks gorgeous and it smells fresh and delicious.
We are finally feeling a little festive around here:)

30 November 2011


Of all things, I was worried that my kids would end up with a horrendous food allergy like to peanuts or shellfish or something like that. You hear stories about kids who can't even go to school because their allergy is so bad.  Well... just his luck, Reggie found out he was allergic to peanuts today. He has eaten peanut butter before and he seemed to do fine with it in his belly, but wherever it touched him on his skin he broke out in hives.

I craved peanut butter like no other when I was pregnant with him; I think I ate it almost every day for lunch. Of course I can't help but think that had something to do with it. Oh, I hope not. His doctor said that there is a correlation of other nut allergies with that of peanuts, so he has to stay away from them all. We even have to carry an epi-pen now, just in case.

 It's going to be rough because we love peanut butter around here. Poor little nugget. It looks like we're going to have to switch to Biscoff Spread. That stuff is tasty.

17 November 2011

A Note

I saw a mouse in the garage the other day so Davey went to get mousetraps and he took Adelaide with him. She has been fascinated with it ever since. She hasn't seen it but she inspects the traps each day to see if it's been caught. She put this note on the door to the garage today to make sure her friends don't go in... she doesn't want it to get them. The drawing on the left is of one of her friends (a boy), and the one on the right is the mouse. If the mouse really looked like that I wouldn't want it to get me either!

03 November 2011


Randy and Davey transformed our wagon into the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. It looks awesome doesn't it?
 Adelaide and Reggie were Daphne and Fred.
 Adam, Jen and their girls came down to trick or treat in our awesome neighborhood. So we added a Tinkerbell, Strawberry Shortcake, and a kitty to the gang.
The older three girls had fun trick or treating. These two mostly had fun playing tug-of-war with a sucker and sitting in the wagon. It was the warmest Halloween I can remember, it was awesome!

16 October 2011

Sweet Number Six

My sweet baby girl turned six on Thursday. I guess that means she's not really my baby anymore doesn't it? Six! Six! Already?

She requested a Jessie (Toy Story) party. So I did my best to round up a party that screamed cowgirl.

She had her first all-friend party on Saturday and I think it was a hit. We had trail mix treat bags, popsicles, and Jessie's hat cupcakes.
The girls decorated paper cowgirl vests with glitter-glue, stickers, and markers.
They raced stick-horses.

Genny and I even got in on the game. Although, I felt I was at a disadvantage because I had to ride side-saddle due to my skirt:)

We're glad Addison could show up at the end (priorities Ethan?) and it turned out to be a wonderful party. It was a beautiful, warm fall day and the kids had a good time. That's all that counts, right?

Happy birthday to my grown-up, beautiful six year old!
We love you Adelaide!

11 October 2011

Red Barn

 We try to make it a tradition to go to The Red Barn in Santaquin every year, though some years it hasn't quite worked out. The good news is... we made it this year!
 It's such a simple fun thing to do as a family, I love it. This year they had a tractor, a maze, and a hill of hay for the kids to play on while we waited for the wagon to pick us up.
 Reggie was fascinated by the tractor and Adelaide loved the maze.
 Besides the pumpkins, they have tasty apples, apple cider donuts, squeaky cheese, ice cream, and many other yummy things.
 It was a ton of fun and I can't wait for next October:) Well... almost.

05 October 2011

Pictures of Late

I have been a terrible blogger. We are busy, aren't you? Well... here are some pics of the kids just because they are cute.

Adelaide took an intro to Karate class at the rec center. She was awesome and the tiniest one there!
Last days of summer...
We went to St. George last month for Sophie's birthday party. I didn't get many pictures but it was a great party.
The kids rode the merry-go-round and played at the city center splash park.
 Anna made this pink horse cake. Isn't it awesome? 
Look at that baby bum:)

12 September 2011

Wonderful Whirlwind Week of Weddings

{Mom & Davis}

{Dad & Paula}

How many people can say their parents were married within seven days of each other? 
They have each found happiness with someone fantastic and I am thrilled for them both. 
Congratulations and best wishes to each of you!