25 February 2008

Freaky Phone Call

So I just got this phone call on my cell phone from a restricted phone number. I usually don't answer these, so I'm not sure why I decided to answer this one.
It was someone who asked for me, but I didn't recognize the voice. I asked who it was, he said his name was Peanut. What the h!@#?
I thought it was a joke, so I asked again who it was. I got the same answer. I asked who he was calling for and he said Amanda, then he corrected himself and said my name. What the h!@# again? I asked if it was a joke and he said no, so I told him he must have the wrong number.
He said ok and hung up butI felt totally weird about it!

21 February 2008

Pee On The Floor

I like to call this the 'leaning tower of panties'.
This is what we've gone through (plus some) since Monday.
Gone through as in, someone (Adelaide) doesn't want to pee in the toilet
but mom and dad are trying to teach her how.
I must give her props because she has actually gone #2
in the potty 3 out of the last 5 days.
Now if she would quit watching the pee as it
puddles on the floor.
That would be nice.

17 February 2008

Up 'N' At 'Em

My mother has many talents. She raised seven children without killing a single one (it was closer than we sometimes thought). She speaks Russian. She was a track and field star. She can play guitar on Rockband. And, she probably considers me her favorite (I only know this cuz she told me).
But her best talent is her gymnastic ability. Here she is showing us her hand stand.

One Armed Drummers BEWARE!

Adelaide learned the drums. We splurged and got ourselves the Xbox 360. We also needed a new DVD player, so the Xbox 360 purchase was easier to justify since it does that too.




13 February 2008

It Has Arrived

I love you wacko Jacko! I have been a fan all my life, since Thriller came out in 1982 that is.
I was a wee two year old, but I knew talent when I saw it.

This album came out yesterday and I am, well, to say the least, excited beyond belief.
So here it is, a tribute.................

And if you remember this...................

You are my dancing inspiration, (Janet too).

P.S. Megan posted this, not Davey.

11 February 2008

I Love Target

I don't go to Target often enough. I forget what cute things they have.
Here are a couple of things I got for Adelaide today that I couldn't leave without.

Toddler Girls' Circo® Nalani Print Canvas Shoes - White

I freakin' love these shoes.

Infant Girls' Circo® Gingham Swimsuit - Red

This swimsuit.

There was more, but these were my favoite.

04 February 2008

Some Things

I did it people! You see these brows?
(don't look too close, they're scabby)
Saturday I made my brows permanent and I love it!
It didn't hurt hardly one bit until about an hour after
she was done pricking my face.
It was sore the rest of the night, but now, nothing. Nothing but pure,
permanent happiness on my face.
Not a fabulous picture cause I don't have on any makeup, but
you get the idea.

Last night we had some friends over for the super bowl
(freakin' Giants).
We let the kids run wild while we watched the game.
This is what we discovered after it became a little too quiet upstairs.
You must click to enlarge to get the whole glorious picture.
I pray the tub markers come out of her clothes.
I must add that they were good little kids and
kept the marker inside the tub and shower walls.
They did get into some conditioner that ended up elsewhere, but hey, the
bathroom smells great.

01 February 2008

For Your Concern


Winter time does not bode well in this little family. May hates the white and wants nothing to do with it. Ever.

When the first snows fell we had an outpouring of support. Many called to make sure May was ok. Phone calls, letters, thoughts and prayers have been a great comfort in this time of eternal cold.

But I think we have a break through. That's right. For the third time this year, and the most ever by May in history, she strapped on the heavy clothing and donned the extra large boots. And outside she went. Can you believe it? Three times this year?! And it was her idea! I am so proud of her. Look at my cuties!

So again, thanks. Who would have guessed it?