30 May 2007

Summer Time

Adelaide had her first play in the sprinklers.
We thought this was the cutest picture.

26 May 2007

Sunshine Days

For those of you who know Adelaide and for those who do not, here is some information about our daughter. She is a serious girl. She probably doesn't like you. And if you see her and she sees you she is most likely scowling. But here is her secret. She loves to laugh and smile once you've all gone home. So this might be refreshing.

1. She loves cheese and slapping high five. Who doesn't? Communists. Thats who.

2. Every morning she follows us around mimicking our morning routines. She brushes her teeth (but only with OUR toothbrushes). She puts deodorant on her shirt and kisses my electric razor. And when she can, its downstairs with my hat trying to fit her feet into my shoes (size 10.5).

3. And when all else fails, she just puts a toilet training seat around her neck.

Ever Been To Scotland?

Do you see it?
A little black dot in the middle of the lake?
Could it be?

Oh, wait. That is my dog. He is in training for the '08 Olympics. He is competing in the
"Swim Out To The Middle Of A Lake And Come Back"
"Swim Out To The Middle Of A Lake And Look Like The Loch Ness Monster And Come Back"

Good Boy!

Thank You Soldiers........

.....for giving us time to reflect and enjoy a gorgeous spring weekend.

My mom and brother came down from Amalga to join us for a hike.

We went up our favorite canyon, American Fork, to hike to Silver lake.
(pictured above)

It was such a perfect day for a hike. It was a little chilly at the lake though because there
was still snow on the ground. Other than that, fabulous.

Adelaide was a trooper.
So was Davey for carrying the 23 pounder on his back the whole way.

Captain even got to come along. He decided to include us in his swim.

It was a beautimous day.

24 May 2007


After a short hiatus, we are back. With one blog, both of us posting, but nothing too crazy. We were on the computer so much it was ridiculous. We are going to try and keep this site strictly to pictures and family updates. We might have to rant and rave once in a while, but hopefully not.

We decided this would be for our own good. We received too many hateful words from people about deleting our blogs. We were beginning to be afraid for our lives.

To Bridgette: FACE!

P.S. I have placed a Google ad on our page to help me bring in a little income.
Feel free to click, click away.
Make me rich!