24 June 2009

Can I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar?

Our dear neighbors are moving. So before May and I start faking fist fights in the backyard, performing ritualistic animal sacrifices in our driveway, and blasting our loud music to keep certain buyers away, we are opening up this home to you. We are picking our neighbors.

I am just waiting to hear back from a couple of personal invites I sent out. But if you are interested I will put you on the waiting list. People currently ahead of you on that list:

1. Bo Jackson
2. Ethan Schofield
3. George W. Bush
4. Rambo
5. Pistol Pete Maravich
6. The cast of Braveheart
7. All surviving members of Led Zeppelin
8. Captain Caveman
9. The Asian kid from Goonies

22 June 2009

The Staycation

Davey left us last week to go on a week-long canoe trip with the young men in our ward.
So, my mom and brother came down, my sister's family came up, and we had ourselves a staycation.

Wednesday we went on a walk from Vivian Park to Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon.
Then we went to the Happy Sumo for Jessie's birthday dinner.

Thursday we picked up Sawyer and drove up Payson Canyon to have a picnic at Maple Lake.
That evening Genevieve and Jordan joined us for a homemade fettuccine alfredo dinner.

Friday we enjoyed strawberries for breakfast,

went to Veteran's Memorial Pool in Provo (which totally rocks),

and had a wiener-roast and smores for dinner.

Saturday we intended to go to the Children's Festival at Sundance. When we arrived, the sky decided to pour rain upon us, so instead we ended up at Border's for some warm beverages and a look in a good book.

How is it that we live so close to BYU and we've never been to the Bean Museum? Well, it's true. Since the weather was not cooperating for outdoor fun, we made our first appearance at the museum. I've never seen so many stuffed heads in one place in my entire life.
That night, thanks to Jessie, we were able to enjoy dinner at the CPK, again for her birthday.

And then we played RockBand,

oh, and another night we played RockBand,

and then again another night.

Thanks to mom, Jake, Sawyer, Jessie, dad, Anna, Steve, Sophie, Kent, Genevieve, and Jordan for taking part in the staycation. We had a fabulous time!

11 June 2009

How Did I Forget?

I was going to post these after our California trip back in March but it slipped my mind.
I think they're kind of amusing. Mostly because they kept doing this over and over and over again.

Ahhh, boys will be boys.

08 June 2009

How It All Started . . .

Rachel wanted to hear this and you wanted to read it, so here you go:

Tired of college life in Ogden, Megan returned home to Payson and took a job with a local cell phone dealer. That very same month, my parents lost some sort of drinking contest (how else do I explain their inexplicable move from Laguna Hills to Idaho Falls?). So when school got out for me that Spring I was desperate to not spend my Summer in Idaho. And so when my friend Steve told me about a cellular phone sales job I jumped at the chance, having no experience in sales and not totally sure what a cell phone was.

My first Monday at work I was calling out of the phone book from my desk at our headquarters. Behind me I could hear two girls talking and joking. And when I heard the way one of them laughed I just had to see who could laugh like that. That was the first time I noticed her. Over the next few weeks I took opportunities to hang out around the office to be able to talk with her whenever I could. The usual conversations revolved around our unhappy relationships. I knew I was ready to dump my girlfriend in a second but Megan would still have her boyfriend. So I waited. Nice, huh?

Megan and her friend Rachel coached a girl's softball team back then. Wisely I suggested they bring their team out for a practice game against all the guys that would play I played softball with. Somehow Megan ended up on my team (fate). She wore the cutest little pair of pink shirts. I couldn't have been happier. On a play where Megan and I were running the bases, I rounded second and there on the ground laughing uncontrollably was Megan. We still are not sure how she fell (still a problem with her today), but I can still clearly remember smiling at that funny girl in the pink shorts.

One night after their team's game, we all went out to eat. But Megan went outside of the restaurant to talk on the phone to her boyfriend. Not to be outdone I went outside and pretended to be talking on my phone (a valuable skill I have now mastered) just so she could see me. We ended up going back inside and eating with everyone else. Eventually we were the last two there. So I invited her back to my apartment to watch a video a performance of the Chris Jones' Band (I played tamborine, no joke). After spending this time with her I knew what I had to do. I left her in my apartment and went over to my girlfriend's place, broke up with her, and returned to my apartment to hang out more with Megan.

That next week after Megan's breakup she came to see one of our band's live shows. Then after the show she totally made-out with me. Then we dated, then got engaged, got married, bought a house, got a dog, had Adelaide, and bought season passes to Seven Peaks water park (in that order).

04 June 2009

What's Up?

Nothing much of a whole lot. No pictures to post, no stories to tell, just stuff.

Addie has swim lessons 4 days a week for two weeks.
She goes to gym on Wednesdays.
I want to paint a room or two in my house (thanks a lot Erica!)
I am working in the yard.
We have been to the dentist. Davey to get one cavity filled, me having to get 3 fillings redone.
Laundry and trying to figure out what to make for dinner.
I have been contemplating whether or not it is worth the expense of buying organic (it's truly driving me nuts, I think it's worth it but it's so freakin' expensive!).
I am trying to get the desire to work out again.
I am reading as much as I can before school starts.
I cleaned out my closet and got rid of clothes I no longer wear.
Davey has softball on Wednesdays.
I am working at UVU tomorrow.

Hmmm, what else? I'm sure there are things.
See, just lots of stuff.

Post Edit:
Quit? Yes I did.
However, I will work for them sometimes if they need someone to cover the front desk.