28 March 2010


Because next Sunday is General Conference and Easter, we realized we had to dress up for Easter today. Adelaide was so excited because she finally got to wear her new orange shoes. We went shopping yesterday for a new dress to match and she was THRILLED to get dressed up for church. I had to take her outside for a photo shoot and this picture was my favorite. She's so pretty:)

It was a gorgeous day and it finally feels like spring. I am such a happy girl.

24 March 2010

5 To Go

It's funny how five weeks can feel like an eternity, yet feel like it's flying by at the same time.

21 March 2010


Megan took me and her dad to Toys R Us.

Thanks Megan!

16 March 2010

It's Just Weird (a post by davey)

What have I been up to?
I prefer to lay low, but
I feel lately, that the
World is not going to let me.

First, I found out that my brother has all but driven the government to my doorstep to let them know where I am. I have been off their radar for some time now. But Gary said he was going to China on vacation and wanted to use me as his emergency contact. Come to find out later, when one goes to China, one registers their emergency contact with our federal government. *Blip* Just like that I was back on their radar. Seeing how I have now emerged and the Feds are going to want back taxes, a census report, and other such nonsensical things from me, I might as well give you all full disclosure. (By the way, Gary's trip to China? Mysteriously canceled once my information was received . . ..)Second, with us moving probably this summer and Reggie "Run-Run" just six weeks away, our house is constantly shifting from mess (that's when we pull everything out and go through it and then repack it) to sparkling (that's when we have to show the house to passer-bys).

This is a photo of our old baby things, Addie's old clothes, and some extras that have all been stuffed into our spare unfinished bathroom. (Addie is NOT a part of the things we keep in that storage closet) And all this will be sorted, and set-up or re-stored and cleaned by our next home showing Thursday morning.

Third, still loving working at night and having my sunny days free to play with Adelaide while Megan finishes school, I sometimes get Addie into a good enough disposition to sing me some primary songs. In fact she is so used to singing them with me that when asked in gymnastics this week which song they should sing during one of their games (the usuals include "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "ABCs"), Addie screamed "Child of God".

Did you notice that the media tried to make a big deal about a 4.4 earthquake in Southern California this week? Really? 4.4? Southern California? The only people probably NOT talking about it are Southern Californians. Speaking of the media. Go "google" the video of Meridith (The Today Show) interviewing Kirk Cameron on the death of Corey Haim and watch Kirk's classy no-reaction when Meredith calls him, "Corey". Nice one.

And finally. Megan has six weeks to go. At her last doctor's appointment she finally weighed as much as she did when we got married (no, she wasn't pregnant). Not many people walk into the eighth month of pregnancy thinking, "Wow! NOW maybe I can finally fit into my wedding dress."

So yes, with fake China trips to give my information to the government, a house for sale, a son on the way, a non-earthquake in California, Kirk Cameron being called Corey, and Megan's incredible pregnancy tolerance levels, I am sensing something. I don't know what it is yet. But its going to be weird. And just in case you're not convinced, here's a profile shot of my belly (34 weeks into this pregnancy).

P.S. When I asked my Sunday School class full of 10 year-olds what love is, they responded,
"Lip to lip action."

05 March 2010

There and Back Again

Two weekends ago my dad took Adelaide and I to St. George to visit my sister Anna and her fam. You always imagine that the weather is going to be better than it is up here. That weekend it was not the case. Although, the company was great and it was so nice to hang out.

On our way home we drove through Zion. I only had my phone for pictures so these could have been even better, but I think the snow made everything look gorgeous. I'd never been there this time of year and I must say that I highly recommend it. It was pretty amazing.

I miss you guys.