25 April 2011

A What?!

I had noticed, the last few trips to gymnastics, that Adelaide has started to pay more attention the male counterparts in her class. She seemed to be seeking out their attention. Standing close to them. Batting her eyes. Smiling too big. Flirting? And so after this next conversation, Addie will be pulled from gymnastics at the end of the semester . . . and locked away in a tower. All of a sudden the kings that did that to their daughters don't seem so bad to me . . ..

Tell me what you want.
Dad, I just want a boyfriend all by myself.
Why do you want a boyfriend?
Because I want one.
What do you do with a boyfriend?
I just want him to be handsome and kind to me.
And then what will you guys do together?
Whatever I want.
What does that mean? What are you guys gonna do with a boyfriend?
Just say, "You're handsome and I want you to marry me."
You want to get married?
Oh. Where do you want to get married?
At the temple.
Oh. You're very sweet. I love you and I hope you find a boyfriend.


22 April 2011

The Bounty of the Earth

It's been a while since we've posted, I know. We haven't updated about our new house or what we've been doing. I'm sorry. This will be a little update on the house, though, because I'm going to show you pictures of the yard.

I'm really excited about this yard. Number one, it's smaller. Number two, it has so many goodies growing that I can hardly stand it. I finally went on the rounds to discover what was already planted so I know what to grow in my garden this year.

This is what I found:
 I used some of these chives last week, they were delicious! I am excited for when they bloom with their gorgeous purple flowers.
 I cannot wait for summer when the peaches will be ripe on the tree. Peaches are my favorite!
 I did some digging around to discover what this was... and it's rhubarb! I've never eaten or cooked with rhubarb until this morning. I went and picked some, found a muffin recipe, and baked some up. Delicious! I'm excited about adding this to my repertoire of recipes.
 Who doesn't like strawberries? There will be so many and I can't wait. I'm excited to combine them with the rhubarb to make some jam and a pie or two. Yummy.
... and last but not least, raspberries. I could eat them all day, every day, and now I can:) There is a little irrigation ditch that runs in the back of our yard and raspberries grow all the way along it. All I can say is, awesome.

Can you tell I'm excited? I am. This will be a tasty summer and I can't wait to get planting some other goodies. Now, if this weather would just cooperate...

03 April 2011


Fed the kids Oreos today. Not sure why.
Maybe I should save them the trouble,
and just buy them sugar filled lard.