23 February 2010

Photographer in Training

Last week on a dreary rainy day, we took Adelaide to Cabellas to look at the fish and animals. Adelaide has been obsessed with the camera and decided that she wanted to bring it. We let her go crazy and take pictures of whatever she wanted. Here are some of the results:

She had an awesome time and was so proud of herself. It's so fun to see her get excited and interested in things. I love it.

17 February 2010

10 To Go

30 weeks.
Check out that lovely lady hump.
I think we're going to have a big boy.
...as long as he's healthy he can be ten pounds for all I care. Well, maybe not ten pounds.

09 February 2010

Smarty Pants

I just discovered that Adelaide has figured out how to use photobooth.

Some pictures are kind of creepy.

Others are too cute.
She makes me smile.

01 February 2010

Lucky 7

I am lucky.
We put our house up for sale this last week, and aside from the many death threats from neighbors and friends, I am lucky to have so many close relationships that feel affected by our potential move. Its probably just an across town move but I know I am going to miss some folks. We've lived in this home just over six years. No break-ins, if you don't count the kid that stole our longboards out of our open garage. No fires if we exclude May's cooking experiments. And no floods if we are not considering Addie's sometimes 2 plus hour baths.
I am lucky.
Knowing what we know now about our ability to have children, Adelaide has been the greatest roll of the dice for us. Usually a blessing comes after much hardship. But she came before we even knew how hard it was going to be for us to have children. And so now we realize just how lucky we are to have this little girl. Sure, she thinks she's just another parent like Megan and me, trying our best to raise Captain to be a good dog. But could we have a child between Megan and myself with any less of a personality? And to know that we finally have a second little one ready to come and play with us in just a few months melts my heart.
I am lucky.
And so this is how I reflect on this day. To the day that seven years ago my bride and I entered the temple and walked out husband and wife. And to think that no matter what she tries to pull or how she tries to get out of it, she is mine forever, and I am hers. And so as we go through life's little steps and life's big steps, I am lucky be by her side. She's just as sweet as I need her to be and just as tough as she should be to be able to endure life with me. Many people have asked what that would be like. I'm sure one day she'll publish her memoirs.
"According to tests he IS all there, and yet..."
I am so lucky.
Last night, on our way to the Tree Room at the Sundance Resort for our anniversary dinner, we saw a giant moose stomping around in the snow. Ours was the only car at the time on the winding mountain road. He came down toward us and then had second thoughts and took off into the upper brush so swiftly it left us in awe of the great creature. He was beautiful. Then Megan turned to me and said, "Isn't it a good sign to see a moose?" Yes. Yes it is. I also call it luck.