28 March 2011

Christmas in March

My dad gave us quite the little Christmas gift.  Bless his goodness, love for his children, and love for the beach... he have us a trip to southern Califor-ni-a.  It was such a relaxing trip.  We just sat on the beach for 8 days.  That's it.  Although, Adelaide was lucky and my dad took her to Disneyland with Paula, Anna, Steve, and Sophie.
 We were able to see so many distant loved ones on this trip.  It was awesome. Robyn came out with the kids for a day.  Annie and Adelaide thought it was so cool that they had the same suit.
 We had a fire and made smores.
 Went to Crescent Bay (my fave).
 The tidepools are amazing.
 We saw many, many crabs.
 Brooke, Brian, Lana, and Braden came down for a day.
 Davey and Brian made a baci court in the sand.
 Davey read a book.
 We strolled along San Clemente Pier.
 Gary and Bridgette happened to be on vacation from Maine the same time we were there.  It was perfect.
 The kids buried Pa in the sand.
 Watched movies and ate popcorn.
 There was even a night of opening Christmas presents from Pa and Paula.
 Reggie loved being held...
 and hated the sand.
 I love this one.
 The beach is the best babysitter.
 Kids can play in the sand all day and never get bored.
We were also able to see one of Davey's bestest and oldest friends, Steve Funk and his family.  Another friend of his from school, Laura Ek and two of her kids were able to come for a day at the beach as well.  It was an amazingly relaxing week and beautiful to say the least.

Thanks dad for Christmas in March, we should do it every year!

25 March 2011


We are back online.  Back from California.  Back to reality (kind of).  Hopefully we can post about our trip soon, or our new house, or something that's been going on lately.

07 March 2011


As we are packing the final pieces for our move, Addie has offered us some free advice. She couldn't help but notice all of the nail holes in the wall where pictures and decorations had once hung. She went to Megan and said,

"Mommy, you need command strips. No nail holes. And no damage!"

Thank you commercials. <-That's the LINK.