31 January 2011


We took Reggie to his first Grizzlies game on Saturday.  He was awesome, even when the horns were blaring.  The Grizz won 3-0.

We enjoyed chicken strips, hot dogs, kettle corn and a snow cone.  Reggie had his first taste of snow cone and surprisingly, he didn't love it.  Weird. 

21 January 2011


That's what happens when you leave a bag of delicious sweet potato chips next to a nearly nine month old.  Oops.

17 January 2011

Tiny Dancer

Adelaide started taking a fairytale dance class this month.  I can't even tell you how excited I was when she told me she wanted to take the class.  I have dancing in my blood you know and the fact that I may have passed that on makes me giddy.

I never want to be the mother who pushes her kids to do what she did (living vicariously I believe it's called), so I've never forced her into taking dance.  She has done gymnastics over the past two years which she has enjoyed, but when her friend Ryley asked her to come to class with her she wanted to go.  

It is so fun to watch her have a good time.  She loves walking around on her toes, wearing pretty skirts and holding fun props.  I hope she loves it, but if she doesn't I hope she finds something that she will love to do and excel at it.  Isn't she cute?  I know she's the cutest dancer I've ever seen.

07 January 2011


I am thinking about calling the cops on Megan.
Quote of the day:
We were having a conversation about me driving in bad weather. And I said that the worst case scenario is I roll the car and she gets our life insurance pay-out. Then she turned to me and said,

"If I cared about that money you'd already be dead."

Nothing about me being fine, safe or living a long life. Instead, a cold, calculated announcement of her plans for me once she decides she needs the money. If I die before I am 60, I am letting you all know now, I want an investigation.

04 January 2011

Christmas #2

Since we spent Christmas in Idaho this year we decided to do a post-Christmas extravaganza with my side of the fam last Tuesday (yes, I'm a bit behind). It was nice because all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas was over so we were able to enjoy a tasty breakfast of German pancakes, bacon, zoom with brown sugar, apples and bananas, and were able to hang out and chill like vills.

Up close and personal Christmas #2:

Now that it is January I will say happy new year! Here's to a good one and let's hope that old Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow this year. I'm ready for spring.