16 October 2011

Sweet Number Six

My sweet baby girl turned six on Thursday. I guess that means she's not really my baby anymore doesn't it? Six! Six! Already?

She requested a Jessie (Toy Story) party. So I did my best to round up a party that screamed cowgirl.

She had her first all-friend party on Saturday and I think it was a hit. We had trail mix treat bags, popsicles, and Jessie's hat cupcakes.
The girls decorated paper cowgirl vests with glitter-glue, stickers, and markers.
They raced stick-horses.

Genny and I even got in on the game. Although, I felt I was at a disadvantage because I had to ride side-saddle due to my skirt:)

We're glad Addison could show up at the end (priorities Ethan?) and it turned out to be a wonderful party. It was a beautiful, warm fall day and the kids had a good time. That's all that counts, right?

Happy birthday to my grown-up, beautiful six year old!
We love you Adelaide!

11 October 2011

Red Barn

 We try to make it a tradition to go to The Red Barn in Santaquin every year, though some years it hasn't quite worked out. The good news is... we made it this year!
 It's such a simple fun thing to do as a family, I love it. This year they had a tractor, a maze, and a hill of hay for the kids to play on while we waited for the wagon to pick us up.
 Reggie was fascinated by the tractor and Adelaide loved the maze.
 Besides the pumpkins, they have tasty apples, apple cider donuts, squeaky cheese, ice cream, and many other yummy things.
 It was a ton of fun and I can't wait for next October:) Well... almost.

05 October 2011

Pictures of Late

I have been a terrible blogger. We are busy, aren't you? Well... here are some pics of the kids just because they are cute.

Adelaide took an intro to Karate class at the rec center. She was awesome and the tiniest one there!
Last days of summer...
We went to St. George last month for Sophie's birthday party. I didn't get many pictures but it was a great party.
The kids rode the merry-go-round and played at the city center splash park.
 Anna made this pink horse cake. Isn't it awesome? 
Look at that baby bum:)