30 May 2008

I Am Not An Addict

Today I decided that I should just pack my bags and move into Timpanogos Hospital's laboratory. I feel like I live there now. I began numerous blood tests last week to see if we can find a reason for my miscarriages. Good news is that almost all of the tests came back negative. The only ones that were sketchy were my insulin and glucose tests. Because of that, I had the most awful experience of a fasting glucose test today.

You are only required to fast for 12 hours before the test, but because of my work schedule it turned out to be 15 and a half hours of fasting before I began the test. This was an omen of what was to come. For those who haven't had the pleasure of this test before, you start with a blood draw. Fifteen minutes later you drink a nasty glucose drink (like the one you drink to test for gestational diabetes). An hour after that they draw your blood again, then the next hour, then the next hour. All was well until I went in for the last draw.

My right vein had been punctured twice, the left only once, so she went for the left. No blood. She jabbed it around for a minute but still, no blood. She told me she had to try the right vein again. No blood. More jabbing. At this point I started to feel very dizzy and nauseated. I went into the bathroom and almost passed out on the floor. I decided I just needed to be strong and get it over with. She led me into a room where I could lay down so she could try again. This time she attempted a vein in my hand. No blood. By this point I felt so awful I was praying for the blood to come. A little jabbing around and still no blood. She was getting frustrated and was amazed that she couldn't get me to bleed after three pokes. She promised me that she had been doing this for a long time and has never had a problem like this. I pray for other peoples sakes that she is right. Finally I told her about this random bulgy vein in my right forearm. She said it was a long shot but she would go for it. I think we were both desperate. She tied the tourniquet as tight as she could, had me pump my fist as much as I could, then went for the poke. It started to bleed. Very slowly, it almost stopped, I continued to pump my fist, we got the necessary amount of blood. FINALLY.

It had been nearly 20 hours since my last meal (I had a snack before I went to bed last night). I don't do well without food, I eat all the time! I had to call Davey to come pick me up because I was too dizzy to drive. Because of this lovely ordeal, I got to pick where I wanted to eat. Pizzeria 712 was our destination and it was soooo good. My arms hurt really bad and this picture does not do it justice.

26 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had the pleasure of visiting my sister and her man Steve in St. George this weekend. Weeks ago when we planned on going, I envisioned hot, beautiful days and warm nights. It turned out to be not the case, what is up with this weather?!!! But still, it was a good weekend.

Our first matter of business was to visit Colorado City. Oh yes folks, we drove out to Colorado City to see the Polygs. Can you say CREEPY? I can, and it was.

This was their happening town on a Saturday evening. We drove around town and found hardly a soul. We found a large building (perhaps a religious building?) where many cars were parked. That was about it.

We discovered many homes of this nature. Huge, gigantic, how the heck do they make their money homes. Other houses were kind of dumpy, big and all under construction. Almost every home had some sort of major project going on.

This was my favorite. Pun intended?

Sunday we took a trip to Zion National Park. It has been at least ten years since my last visit, it seemed more gorgeous than I remember. We went straight to the Temple of Sinawava to hike the end of the narrows. Warning: multiple pictures follow.

The water was freezing!!

My friend Genny, 5 and a half months pregnant sister Anna, Genny's sister Jessica.

Adelaide loves Steve.

This picture was A-dorable.

We are planning on going back and hiking the rest of it later in the season. Hopefully it will be a little bit warmer!

20 May 2008

It Has Been Confirmed......

I have Mononucleosis. The doctor tells me it takes six months for the body to work it out. I don't have enough time to be tired for that long.

Me: Body?

Body: Yes, what can I do for you?

Me: I would like you to get rid of this Mono thing. Even more, I would like my energy back.

Body: I'll try my best, but I can only work as hard as the doctor says I can.

Me: Work harder.

16 May 2008

Where's Kenny?

This is dedicated to all of the Kenny Chesney fans out there. Where in the HECK is he? Why isn't he coming here? I'm starting to get a little bit worried. If he isn't coming here I might need some people to accompany me on a road trip (mom, Amy?). I can't have a summer without him. It isn't right and it doesn't make any sense. He loves us here, right?

12 May 2008

Nakey Nakey

I will post about our wonderful Mother's Day sometime this week. As for now, I must post these pictures before I forget.

Davey and I were out working in the yard last week while Adelaide played in the backyard with Captain. This girl loves her dog. She especially loves throwing rocks into Captain's water dish and letting it splash all over her. One thing she does not like is having wet clothes on.

I decided it had been a little while since I checked on her, so I decided to peek through the gate to see what she and Captain were up to.

This is what I saw....
At first I thought she had just taken off her shirt.
But then I saw this....
Then she saw me peeking through the gate and took off....

I was laughing so hard, she makes me smile.

08 May 2008

Some Funny Things

Today concluded our week of Summer University at work. There were two things that I found rather intriguing.


They branded our steaks we had for lunch with UVU
(our theme for Summer University was, 'It's Our Brand'). So Creative.


Miss Carmen Rassmussen (yes, former finalist on American Idol)
sang for our afternoon lunching pleasure.

P.S. She has improved so much since American Idol.
I didn't love her on the show, but the songs from her new
album are really good and her voice sounded great.

They treated us very well this week, I love working for UVU.

06 May 2008

Rodeo Season Here We Come!

Last night was the kick off to Summer University for faculty and staff at UVU. They treated us (mostly) to a night of food and rodeo in Heber City. Of course we had to go. One day Adelaide would find out that we didn't take her and she would hate us forever because she didn't get to see the hees. We took Kip and Whitney for their anniversary and a good time was had by all.

She LOVED the Shetland of course.

We went for a wagon ride.

And had ice cream sandwiches for good measure.

She also (not pictured, the camera sucks in indoor dim light) got to run into the arena with all of the other kids and get as much candy as she possibly could.
She came out pretty rich thanks to daddy and his hat.