18 August 2008

I'm A Guest!

I am Guest Blogging at Erica's Bloggity Blog today.
Check it out!

14 August 2008

Too Still Around Here

I am boobing right now. 80% of Davey's family was here this week that we get to see nearly never. Now they are gone. My house is quiet, toys put away, random things from different people taken with them (some random things left behind), food cleared away, Adelaide asleep, and here I sit. It was so good to have everyone here and so good for the cousins to play. We had a great time and will miss everyone until next time, ,whenever that may be....................
I really do love it when you come and stay, really I do! I don't mind the mess, cooking the food or whatever!

Sunday was baby Ginny's baby blessing at our house.

Mess, what mess?

Of course we rocked out!

Adelaide loved holding the baby. She was so cute with her.

We even made it out on a couple of excursions.
Most of the time was spent hanging out, Gary finished his Thesis,
eating yummy mounds of food, and enjoying each others company.

We will miss you guys!
Until we meet again..........

08 August 2008

My Fave New Kicks

I just received these in the mail today.
I am so happy.
I dig them a lot.
I don't know if Kangaroos are cool anymore to the young kids,
but I like 'em anyway.
They're wicked comfortable and supa-dupa fly.
I feel secure knowing I have a zipper pocket for a quarter.
You know, just in case I'm out and about
and need to use a pay phone.
Thank you Endless.

04 August 2008

Jammin' with Jam

Adelaide and I had a great day Saturday with my mom and grandmother. We spent the day making apricot jam and chit-chatting away. The jam was soooooo easy to make, and we even used my grandma's hand grinder that is fifty years old to smash up the apricots. It's really fun to be homemaker-y sometimes! I must post the process.

She was such a good girl, playing horses the whole time.

I think we made out pretty nicely.