31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Our little Eeyore

I'm a hardcore A's fan, can't you tell?

Davey's costume. Enough said.

24 October 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Usually when its someone's Bday I read a post by their spouse telling how great that person is and all the wonderful things they do. Well, Megan works today. So I'll start(I made a list once but Megan said she lost it, so this is from memory).

I rock.
I am a Scorpio through and through.
I am a pretty nice guy and super loyal to friends.
Don't cross me, I'll kill you.
I work hard for my family that I love.
I am one of the most handsome people I know (just behind Brad Pitt and Ethan).
I am young at heart.
I don't have to shave every day and I have no hair on my legs above the knees or on my arms or chest.
I light up a room instantly with my humor and warmth.
I own a dog.

Now that you know about me, here's some info about today.

I turn thirty.

I should almost be done with puberty soon.
(does your voice still crack too?)

My goal is not to wear a shirt all day today.

Whoever tells me "Happy Birthday" the most times today will win a wonderful prize. I will do a blog about them. I accept phone messages, blog comments, verbal exchanges, text messages, and I count anyone who sent a card for 2 votes right off the bat.

Good luck to everyone, but especially to me.
Its my first time turning 30 and I'm a little nervous!
And remember, today is MY special day.
So this IS all about me.

(Did you notice I am a donor?)

21 October 2008


This is the storm we drove through on the way down. Three hours of rain snow and below freezing temps. And you wonder why we love California . . .

This was not the storm we were in when we got there. 70s and 80s, nice ocean breeze and mostly clear skies.

Catalina Island usually only seen at sunset.

Those two objects by her right leg are rocks. Equation: Addie loves throwing rocks. Capo beach is full of rocks. Addie threw a lot of rocks.

That is a pan for making giant bubbles. She was in heaven the whole week.

Adelaide got to meet her new baby cousin Sophie. Such a sweet baby.

My first trip ever to Medieval Times. We ate with our hands, wore crowns, cheered our heads off . . .

And May got a flower from this guy . . .

Not these guys!

Adelaide's new favorite (it changes according to who is around) great great uncle (its actually one great but he likes the extra great in there to describe his personality) Newel. She showed everyone how she has to take off all of her clothes if she gets them even a little wet or dirty. I told them she got that from her mother. Then suddenly everyone was trying to splash May . . . I didn't get it.

Three hot bums. Three hot bums. See how they run. See how they run . . .
Old people came too. Actually these are two sweet grandmothers who took very good care us.

Addie is going to hate us.

We had three birthdays in California. One cake. Five candles. Mike = 47 Anna = 26 Addie = 3

We were able to eat at the Fisherman's on San Clemente Pier. Mmmmm good.

Swings on the beach? Why would we ever leave?

Oh yeah. We rode our bikes to San Clemente and then we rode back. What a great picture. All my favorite things . . . well, maybe if May was holding a Hawaiian Punch.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure life here would suck . . .

All year long .

To get away from the disgustingly beautiful beaches we went to Disneyland to celebrate Adelaide's third birthday. Officially it was the fourth celebration of her turning three in less than two weeks. Spoiled?

She fell asleep while I was in line getting lunch in Pleasure Island. Its better than turning into a donkey (Pinocchio reference).

Who is happier to be here?
Actually I could never figure the answer out . . .

She loves poo. Pooh?

This was her Eeyore face. Twins!

Toon Town with her friend Ava.

This was Adelaide's happiest part of the day. We walked through Mickey and Minnie's homes in Toon Town. She talked about it all the next day.

Family . . .

Annie and Adelaide in Palm Springs at bedtime. Don't they look like sisters?

Jef and Robyn's three babies and our Addie. We need more cousin time for these kids. Now that they are out here in the West we are excited for more opportunities.

You know its a good trip when you go back to work and as you walk in, you think, "Has this placed always smelled like this?"

11 October 2008

We Are Off To California

"Hi, you've reached the Saunders. We're not here. Please leave a msg at the beep."


I've lived in Utah for most of the last nine years. My parents have been in Idaho for just over six. But there is only one place that seems like home to me.


We'll be at a beach house in San Juan Capistrano.
Adelaide will get her first trip to Disneyland.

And I will be smiling...
<-----from here
to here----->

07 October 2008

Arts & Crafts

Adelaide loves horses. If this is the first time you've heard that, WELCOME.
She owns some horses down the street. She loves movies with horses in them. She, of course, has a rocking horse. She loves the rodeo. She owns multiple cowgirl hats. And so it was no surprise that at her birthday party she got 12 horses, 1 my little pony, 1 wooden fenced corral and other horse books and accessories. Thanks All.
Then it was Sunday after the party that she was looking for a home for all of her new horses. So my dad went to the garage and grabbed one of her old diaper boxes (who doesn't save diaper boxes for that dreaded moving day?). He grabbed a razor blade and went to work. In all of about eight minutes he had cut and sliced that box into a perfectly to-scale model barn. Complete with loft windows and opening doors. Thanks Dad.
Addie loved it. She carried it everywhere around the house and has since brought it with us on driving errands. So today when I picked up Randy he flashed me (wait until the end of the sentence, perverts) two cans of spray paint (see?). One white, one red.
Now our diaper box looks like this.

Thanks Randy.

06 October 2008

We Have A Pre-Three

We had Adelaide's pre-three party this weekend.
Rick, Jen, and their three tag-a-longs came in form Idaho Falls as did my parents.
With the beginning of October and me now talking in my Dracula voice, we knew it was time to go get some pumpkins. Each year (for the last two years) we head to Santaquin's Red Barn.

They take us on a hay ride out to their pumpkin patch.

We wander around out there until we find pumpkins good enough to bring home, cut and gut.

Then Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese's for cake and games.

The birthday cakes there are the best.

The pizza is good too.
And the games keep the kids happy.

All the kids.

01 October 2008

Fall Rocks, Except........

.........it leads to winter. So in the meantime I am soaking it in! We went up American Fork Canyon on Saturday to hike around a bit. It was a perfect day for an outing and we had a lovely time. I thought I would share some of the perfectly picturesque pictures!

Do you find that pictures never do the scenery justice? I do.