28 November 2010

A Day of Thanks

Thank you to Heidi and Paul for hosting us at your house.
Dinner and dessert couldn't have been better.
It was so fun to hang out and to see Megamind on Thanksgiving night.
Grandma and Leslie, you were masters at cleaning up the kitchen.
Ma loves Reggie.
Adelaide was so excited to play in the first snow of the year.
Paige is her absolute favorite... she LOVES her.
Davey knows how to roll when it snows.
Is someone from California? I think so.

It was a wonderful day and an even more wonderful holiday weekend.
It was a much needed break...now on to Christmas!

21 November 2010


(Time Out For Women)

Back in July, my mother-in-law gave me a birthday present. It was to spend a sisters weekend with her at Time Out For Women. It turned out to be a much-needed, fantastic weekend. There were 8 of us in attendance: Mammy (aka Mom Saunders), my four aunts-in-law (Susan, Ann, Jane, Carol), and two awesome cousins-in-law (Holly, Jamie).

Wait, there are ten ladies in the picture...Staci and Heidi (two more cousins-in-law) joined us for dinner on Saturday night at Pagota. It was an awesome bonding mini-vacay that was fun, hilarious, scary, and unfortunately....stinky at times. We spent time at the conference, stuffing out faces, doing skits, hot tubbing, and getting to know each other a little better.

Thank you to the Rose sisters for including me in their sisters weekend and for making me feel like I am a part of the family. I love you guys (scents and all).

06 November 2010


Thanks to Megan for bearing a second child so now I get double the candy...
Also looking forward to taxes next year...

02 November 2010


I am finally getting around to posting about the plethora of birthdays we have in October in our family. This includes Adelaide, my sister Anna, my father, Davey's father, and Davey. If you count nieces and nephews, cousins, etc..... you get many, many more.

Adelaide was spoiled and spent her birthday at Sea World. On our way home from California we dropped Anna off a gift of Trader Joe's goodies for her special day. We treated my dad to dinner at Ruby River on his birthday. We had a joint birthday party for Addie and Davey on the 23rd where we presented Davey's dad with his gift. We decided form now on that the kids are going to pick what they want to give their grandfathers for their birthday. Adelaide chose fingernail clippers. Yes, I said it, fingernail clippers. It was very exciting to see the reaction on her grandpas' faces when they opened their gifts:)

I went very domestic this year and made birthday cakes from scratch (this is a big deal for me, ok!)

All Adelaide wanted in the entire world was a unicorn cake with purple frosting. I think it turned out pretty great and she loved it which was all that mattered.

Davey's request was for yellow cake and chocolate frosting. I thought the party hat was a fantastic cake-topper (insert inside joke, hehehe).

Thanks to all of our family members who could make it and thanks for all of the amazing gifts. It was a fantastic day.

P.S. Adelaide gave her daddy fingernail clippers, too:)