27 December 2007


We had a lovely Christmas.
We spent a few days up at my aunt and uncle's cabin in Heber.

(Steve and Davey)
We went snowmobiling,

had a pass along gift exchange,

and listened to my uncle Newel and aunt Liz sing some jolly tunes.

Davey finally got his gun.
(Think twice before you break into our house now, you'll get a .22 shot to the head)

Adelaide got a ton of cute things that she loved.

We were also able to see the Liechty side of my family on Christmas afternoon.
We wish they could have stayed at my grandma and grandpa's longer, we don't get to see each other very often.

Then we finally came home and found what Santa left for us.
It was a great holiday.
Now spring, you better hurry up and get here fast!

20 December 2007

I Can't Sew

These are the two projects I finished today.
The one on the right (an apron) took me way too long to finish.
It is horrible. I can't even sew a straight line.
It doesn't look that bad from the picture,
but you should see it up close and personal. Ugh!

I'm most proud of the one on the left.
What is it you ask?
I was thinking about curling Adelaide's hair today
and the thought frightened me.
Two reasons:
One, I don't know if she would sit that long.
Two, what if I burned her beautiful neck or face!
No way, no curling iron yet.
Then I remembered my mom putting rags in our hair
when we were little.
We would sleep on them, wake up, and ta-da!
So I think I'll give it a try this week and see how it works.


We had the pleasure of watching Kade and Addison yesterday.
I just thought this was a really cute picture.

16 December 2007

What A Sight

I forgot to post about this house after Thanksgiving.
While we were vacationing in Idaho Falls for the holiday,
we took a trip to the craziest house I have ever seen.

There is a nice man who has transformed his home
into a giant model train world.
Almost every room in his house is dedicated and full of model train towns. He has made holes in his walls and everything for the train to move throughout the house.
The room above seems to be dedicated to the fall season
and random crazy creatures.

This room is Halloween. Can't you tell?

This was Davey's favorite room of all. I thought he was going to cry.

Here we have the winter wonderland.

This was probably my favorite thing in the house
and it had nothing to do with trains.

12 December 2007

Silence Is . . . Golden?

Its quiet.
Its never quiet.
Whenever we are at my parents' home in Idaho Falls, quiet is never the norm. Its almost unacceptable. With Jimmy (age 4), Robert (age 2 but the size of an age 6), Adelaide (age 2) and Brenna (age less than 1). Then you throw in a little bit of Davey and a dash of Kip, sprinkled with Big Mamma herself. So you can understand now why quiet is a problem.

I am not sure who first noticed it. But after it is noticed a quick roll call of all the trouble makers is immediately sounded off.
Davey? Ok.
Kip? Ok.
Jimmy? Ok.
Adelaide? Ok.
Robert? Robert?

Its quiet.
Its never quiet.
And with Robert missing, anything could happen. Jennifer takes Brenna and begins the slow scan of the upstairs and downstairs of the home in search of our little Dobbs while the rest of us continue enjoying company in the dining room.

Not downstairs. Not in the computer roo... "RICK!!!"
"Oh my gosh!! Rick, I need you right now!! Rick, you have to get down here now!!"
The sound of multiple children shrieking. Jennifer sounds hysterical.
Rick jumps up and runs down the hall. May jumps to her feet and turns the corner to follow. I am behind May, but as I turn the corner, May is now heading back toward me in panic, "I can't go down there. I don't want to see it. I can't look." Next to me is my mom followed closely by the footsteps of my dad. When Dad has those kind of footsteps, something is wrong.

We can tell Jennifer is back in my parents' bathroom. As I turn another corner to enter their bedroom I see Brenna on the ground crying. My mom stops her running to scoop up Brenna and coddle the young frightened one.

I enter the bathroom and there is Robert. Screaming at the top of his lungs. Blood. Blood on his face. Blood on his clothes. Blood on his hands and arms. Blood in his mouth. On the ground nearby also covered in blood . . . a razor.

The poor boy wanted to be like his dad and took to shaving at the ripe old age of two. We cleaned him up. Turned out to be two razor cuts on his top lip. He didn't feel the pain of the cuts so he didn't worry. He just sat there wondering where all this red stuff had come from when his mother walked in on him.

He's fine now. Just a couple of scabs.

It never good when its quiet.

06 December 2007

Happy Hanukkah

Non-Crappy Starring You! eCards on JibJab

05 December 2007


Adelaide would NOT go down for a nap. We tried and tried. She cried and cried. She is at the stage now where her words are coming together. Still slurred and jumbled, we do our best to understand her speech. She needed a nap pretty bad. She is eating a ton lately and sleeping more, so we think she might be on a growth spurt. Then it came to me. She wasn't saying "Shlee!" for sleep.

Rather, it was
And that can only mean one thing.

So here she is. Sleeping. She has taken her shirt off and to the side. Her pants off too (she sleeps like her dad). Her little body will only tolerate a diaper before falling asleep. Her baby and bear discarded in the afore mentioned struggle. And with her blanket wrapped sweetly around her, she finally eases the grip she had on her Secret Sleeping Treasure.