31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

It was Adelaide's third Halloween, and this year she was finally able to really enjoy it.
Her intended costume was a princess. Well, really it was a bunny,
but it happened to be too small.
Next on the list was a princess.
We put on the dress (which she hated), then tried to put on her cute little hat that came with it.
She wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted to wear her pink cowgirl hat.
So that's what she wore. I called her my little Rodeo Queen.

My friend Tamsen and her son Owen came down from Bountiful to join us at our ward's
trunk or treat festivities. The kids had so much fun and ate so much candy.
I let Addie eat whatever she wanted so I pray she doesn't wake up with a stomach ache.

Dracula had to work tonight so he wasn't able to join us. Addie did get to go visit him a work and show him her costume though.

Happy Halloween!

26 October 2007

Post Op Report

Everything went very smooth. I am feeling well today and ready to go shopping.
There's something about shopping that makes a girl feel better. Even if it's just groceries at Walmart. So today, that's what I'll do.
I think I will take Davey out for a decent birthday dinner as well. He deserves that after these past few days. Adelaide would love to get out and go play too.

P.S. I really like Casey Affleck

Waaayyyyy better than Ben.

24 October 2007


Happy 29th babe!

Thursday's The Day

Tomorrow is the day. The day I experience something I hope to never experience again. I am nervous as can be, but relieved to finally get it over with. I know there are many women out there, way too many, who have also had a D & C. It makes me feel better knowing there are others who have gone through this with me, but on the other hand, so sad knowing how many have had to experience the loss of a child. I am emotional, scared, and anxious to get on with my life. I feel like this has been nearly 11 weeks for not. Even though we have known about this since last week, I didn't shed my first real tear until last night. It's finally reality and I can't believe this has happened to me. Doesn't that sound awful? I never thought it would, and here it is, like a fist in my face.

It's amazing how one can feel so indestructible and take so many things in life for granted.
Then something like this happens and it shatters you.
My plans are ruined and there is nothing I can do about it.
It has made me realize how small I am in this world and that my plans aren't necessarily the right plans.

There are bigger things out there that I don't even know about, and reasons beyond my comprehension and control. I asked the Doctor today if there was anything I could have done to prevent this, and of course, he said no. I knew what he was going to say, but I'd hoped he would have told me otherwise. I wanted to feel like I could have controlled it and changed it by something I did or could do.

I don't like being out of control!

So now I put everything in the Lord's hands. Sometimes I feel corny saying that, mostly because everyone says that. But it's true, I have to. I know I probably will not know the reason of some things, a lot of things actually, that happen in my life. At least right now. There is only one person that I can trust in to take care of me and my family in the meantime. I will pray for another chance and another child to raise.

Right now, I certainly love the one I have and cherish her every day. Even more now than ever. She has added so much to my life, I can't imagine life without her.

Wow, is that a weight lifted or what?

I'm still hormonally pregnant, so I apologize for the burst of emotion. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, we love an appreciate you so much!

20 October 2007

Our Little Miracle

What are these "Terrible Twos" everyone talks about. It seems that since Adelaide turned two she has become a regular angel.

She's not sick anymore. She's pushed through most of her teeth and she loves her daily little routine. She's good in the bath, brushes her teeth (with help from her mommy), does her chores and is really good about her bedtimes and traveling in the car. She loves going for walks and playing at the playground. She even folds her arms for the prayer and helps wipe up after a meal.

Is this a psyche or is there such a thing as the "Terrific Twos"?

17 October 2007

A New Day

I hope this post doesn't seem too impersonal to many of you. I felt this would be the easiest way for us to convey it to everyone. The few phone calls we've made today have been too hard and probably the worst part of it all.
We will not be having a baby this May.
There was no heartbeat at the doctor's office so they decided to do an ultrasound.
I will be ten weeks on Friday, but the ultrasound revealed only a yolk sac
which is where I would be at around 6 weeks.
Unless my body takes care of things otherwise, we will wait one week and do another ultrasound to make sure there are no changes. Our Doctor is being extra careful before making any rash decisions at this time.
So, it seems that the baby stopped growing for some reason or another, around 4 weeks ago.
We want everyone to know that we are doing well and we know that these things happen for a reason. We might not know it right now, we might never know, but that's ok.
We know there is time and room for more children in our future.
Thanks for everyone's excitement and support, there will be another time!

14 October 2007

Happy Birthday Big Girl

Yesterday Adelaide turned 2!
I can't believe my baby is not really a baby any more.
It was a really fun day.

She hoarded candy from the ghost pinata in her new tricycle.

Friends and family hoarded the pizza and breadsticks.

She blew out her big 2 candle all by herself.

The cupcakes were a hit. (Yummy pumpkin cream cheese frosting)

My dad made delicious caramel corn balls.

Adelaide had a hard time with the presents. She couldn't concentrate on one for more than 5 seconds. She got a ton of cute things, thanks everyone! She's enjoying them more today, I promise!

The kids played with the new toys.

Isn't this a buff wagon? Go John Deere!

Time is going by too fast.
Happy birthday baby girl.

12 October 2007

Green Hands

Yard work with Adelaide's help is always easier.

Anyone seen May's vegetable garden lately?

It reminds me of The Burbs when the trash men come to get the garbage after the neighbors dumped it all over the yard.

The garbage man said, "The question here is garbage. Who picks up this mess?"
A neighbor responded, "Well you're going to pick up this mess, because YOU are a garbage man."

I love that movie.

09 October 2007

Appointment Update

Well, first off, I was disappointed. I was thinking for some reason that you can hear the babies heartbeat at 8 weeks. That is true, but it's 8 gestational weeks. Boy, was I off by 1 week and 4 days. So, I go back in on Wednesday next week just for a doppler. Everything else looks good though. So I will check back after next Wednesday.

07 October 2007

Ah, Conference

We sneaked away this weekend to May's family's cabin just outside of Heber. We were visited by a little bit of snow but that didn't stop some of the younger crazy girls from getting outside and having a good time.

And the good times inside were courtesy of family, friends, card games, good food, and enough candy to embarrass a whole horde of trick-or-treaters. Hope you had a good weekend too.

Keep your fingers crossed. Monday morning is our first doctor's visit with our teeny tiny!

05 October 2007

Pickin' At The Patch

October has rolled in and, besides the emergence of my Dracula voice, so have the pumpkins. Today we went down to Santaquin to Rowley's South Ridge Farm to put our pumpkin picking groove on. We loaded up into a tractor-pulled cart (not full of hay bails due to allergies) and down the bumpy roads we went to find our little orange treasures.

In case you've never been, this is the red barn on the south end of Santaquin next to the freeway. I first experienced their delicious ice creams eleven years ago and hadn't been back since. Shame! But they also sell other things like jams and fudge. Double shame!

When we arrived to the fields we jumped out and started hunting our pumpkins. "Here pumpkin, pumpkin." May found one quick and so did I. Adelaide got her hands on one she could carry, at least a while.

Then we found our fourth little one and it wasn't for Captain. May said he doesn't get one. Something about him being a dog or something like that.

So little baby already has her (I call her a "her" because I accept that I only make the girl kind of humans) first Autumn Harvest.

Happy Fall.