31 March 2008

Sunday Dinners

Once a month we get together with some of our friends for
a delicious Sunday dinner.
This month I was in charge of dessert.
I thought it would be yummy to make banana splits for
the big kids (adults if you will).
I thought it would be a better idea to get
cones for the little kids.
So I grabbed the box labeled 'kids cones'.
This is Davey's face when he discovered the actual
size of the kids cone.
He thought it was too small for even the smallest of children.
I almost agreed.

I asked the kids and they were quite satisfied.

Can't you tell?

27 March 2008

How Do You Like To Nap?

I walked in to check on my little cherub after it had finally quieted down in her room for a minute. Nap time usually consists of opening her door at least five times and telling her to get back in bed because it's time for ni-night. The cage, oops, I mean crib was so nice, but now this is what we get...........................

When I opened the door this is what I saw:

Then I looked up........

Let me get closer.........
She had brought numerous books and such to her bed and decided to empty her play clothes on to the floor. Then it seems that instead of her comfy pillow, she wanted to lay her pretty head in the hard, plastic garbage can used for her play clothes. She was obviously too hot so she decided to remove her shirt before laying her head inside the plastic can that must be ever so comfy.

Sleep tight my little one.

22 March 2008

1,000,000th Annual Liechty Egg Hunt

Hip Hop Hooray, Easter is here! I think out of all the Liechty get togethers, this one is my favorite. I think it's because it's more laid back than the other holidays, it's spring, and yummy food of course.
I thought that this would be the year Adelaide would finally love the egg hunt. I was totally wrong. Her attention span for the hunt was all of about five minutes, if that. Thank goodness there were only 8 eggs to find. But, she did love it for those five minutes, and she loved everything else too. She had such a good time playing with her 1st cousins once removed (she is the only great-grandbaby on this side), eating junk, and opening up her fun Easter egg prizes.

With Great-Grandma Liechty.

By the end of the day somebunny was pooped.


17 March 2008

Oh, You'll Still Be Here When I Get Out

We got home around 9:30 last night. Just as Adelaide helps me to feed Captain every morning, she also helps me to bring him in every night. He is a spoiled pup. He has two dog houses, a four hundred square foot dog run and (as long as he stays on "no-chewing-on-May's-plants" behavior) a quarter acre back yard. His dog house in the garage has a nice big pillow in it. Did I mention that this dog house is huge? It requires a three to four man team to lift it and inside it leaves plenty of room for Captain to stand, pace around, and stretch out all 100-plus pounds of doggy meat.

Back to my story. After taking in Addie to get her ready for bed, I gathered up the house trash cans to take outside in preparation for the Monday morning pick-up. As I passed Captain's dog house I noticed his door was open. The door that should be closed. The door that keeps him in his house. That door. Curious, I looked. No Captain.

Captain America ran away last night. Why would he run? Free lodging, walks, toys, food, poop-pick-up service. We don't ask a lot from him. No rent, no chores. He doesn't even have a job!

I took my time taking out the trash, hoping to see him down the street or in some shadows nearby. Then I got in the car and drove around the block . . . twice. No bud.

I had to lock the gates to our yard because the wind was blowing. The front door too was locked so when we have an intruder and I kill him, I can say he busted our lock and so I felt my life was in danger. And as I closed the garage for the night, thus sealing up the last entrance into our sanctuary, I couldn't help but feel a little like Chewbacca when they closed the doors in the snow base while Han and Luke were still outside. I just thought, well, we'll have to send out the scouts and speeders in the morning hoping to find Captain sleeping inside a sliced open tauntaun.

Morning came. And he was exactly where he was last time he did this. Sleeping on our front porch. Why do they run? And just when you get used to the idea of them being gone, why do they come back?

So Addie and I took him out back. I filled his water and Addie dumped a pitcher full of food into his bowl. Then I picked up his poop and opened the gate between his dog run and the backyard. We will probably go on a walk to the river later.

09 March 2008

It Was Five To One, I Got Four


Hares and rabbits are as different as wolves and dogs. The Rabbit is domesticated, pretty much helpless in the wild and adorable. The Hare is ravenous, eats small animals and howls at the moon. Hares are vermin. Rodents. And I have it on good report that they are jerks.
I was recently invited to join my brother Kip, father Jimmy and May's father Papanig on a gun toting excursion. I was able to take out my Christmas present for only the second time. Bill (my gun) and I were anxious to get out and pull a Jed Clampett. Actually I was ready to settle for not getting "accidentally" shot by Kip.
We drove about sixty miles southwest of Provo to find our desired targets. Hares carry diseases, overpopulate (my green friends should understand the associated problems with that), and destroy crops. There are times when governments put bounties on them to control the outbreaks. Although this shooting was without reward and not on farmland, I felt I was doing my part. Kinda like my time in 'Nam.
For two hours all the hares I saw were hundreds of yards off and moving too quickly for my novice trigger. Just before getting to the car I had one run out in front of me and then take off under and through some trees. I tracked him on the freshly fallen snow for about fifty yards when I was led into an opening.
I waited.
Then it started. The first one ran by me so fast I knew I had no chance. But his wingman stopped to look around after I fired a shot or two. I took aim. With my hands still shaking from my natural shakes, I sighted in on my target. After dispatching him, two more hares made the same attempt at running by me. I got one of them on the run and let the other go (I had to reload) to spread his diseases so I could justify coming back out another day.
And then it was just my two new friends, Bill and me. My first two kills since The War. I was so proud.

I call the one on the right "Dead" and the other "Meat".
They were delicious*.

03 March 2008

Better Get Used To These Bars, Kid

Addie has never attempted to climb out of her crib. She kind of likes her crib. She sleeps great through the night; a pattern we have enjoyed since she was two months old. She also does really well at her naps; usually two to three hours.

So what's wrong? Nothing.

So what do we do? We went to The Place (IKEA) on Saturday and picked out a new bed. Its a twin. May stopped at Target (I had to tell her that calling it Tar-SHay is old news) to get some new sheets and a blanket. I put off putting the bed together for as long as I could . . .. SO the next day I woke up and put the bed together.

And she loves it. So does May. Me? No more walking in after she wakes up and see her standing with hands on the rail waiting for her daddy to rescue her. Now its walk in and watch her roll out of bed and ask what I am making her for breakfast. Which is good, I guess. Because, for now, she still can't pour her own juice, toast her own waffle, put on the syrup and pop in a morning movie. And its still worth it when she asks me to sit down next to her so she can lean her still sleepy little head on my shoulder.

And in my mind I hope, don't grow out of everything just yet.