27 August 2009

Some Books

I am looking for some friends who will loan me a book or two.
Does anyone own The Kite Runner, Steppenwolf, or Their Eyes Were Watching God?

One of my teachers let us know that in addition to everything else we have to read, we have to read two novels. He gave us a list of choices and these are what I narrowed it down to.

It would be so very kind and gracious of you if you'd oblige :)

Update: Thanks to Janet, I now have the Kite Runner. So if anyone has either of the other two that would be great!

25 August 2009

A Girl's Day Out

There happens to be a little Restaurant that I love. This little restaurant is called Rainbow Gardens and it's up Ogden Canyon. I've been going to this little bit of heaven since I was a little girl. I spent my elementary school years living in North Ogden and there's still so much I love about it. I loved it so much that I went to Weber State after graduating high school. It's too bad that I didn't love the school part as much as the people and yummy restaurants. I would have been done by now. Anyway...

I called my mom and grandma a week or so ago to request a lunch date at the aforementioned restaurant. My grandma rounded up a couple of my lovely aunts and we had a date. It was so nice to hang out with these ladies on a day that wasn't a have-to-get-together holiday. I love seeing them on Christmas and all but it is nice to eat, talk, and enjoy each others company on a regular day. Like today. The food is great and man... they make one killer Mormon muffin.
They also have a huge gift gallery where we spent a couple of hours perusing the merchandise. They have everything I tell you, everything.

We finished the day off with a tasty ice cream cone from Farr's on 21st street. A place I remember from my youth as well. I have to say that their Chocolate Peanut Butter is top-notch. Baskin Robbins eat your heart out, they have way more than 31 flavors!

It was a gorgeous day with awesome family. I love you guys!

21 August 2009

Rebel Rider

Addie has done so much biking lately I feel she has moved up in the world. So I have let her skip the Big-Wheels, the training wheels, and bicycle stages. Last week we bought her her very first scooter. Due to some sort of unforeseen technicality at the DMV for which Addie's dad was thrown out of said government building, apparently she can't legally drive it by herself. So Megan and I have been riding with her and teaching her how its done. Maybe we'll go back to the DMV in a week or so and see if we can talk to somebody else about getting her a license. She's very aware, cheers when we go fast, says "Watch it" when we see cars, and honks at pedestrians. Pretty much, she drives just like Megan.

11 August 2009

Just Like Fall

We originally planned a trip to St. George last weekend. Well, Davey said something about it being too hot so we decided to put that off until September or October and went up to Idaho instead. We've been wanting to float down the Snake River and thought this would be a good time.

If we had only known it was going to be 50 degrees outside...

(Photo taken by Addie via the backseat)

Not to say that we didn't have fun. We really did. Davey's mom scored us some tickets to ride on a Union Pacific passenger train. The kids loved it, except for little Brandon. He would have been fine if the train wasn't over an hour late. Makes me wonder why people don't travel by train anymore?

The best part is that Pam took it upon herself to give the kids cookies and chips from Subway. Though, the cookies and chips were not ours. They were left in the dining car (where we were sitting) by the guys working on the train. They had lunch but hadn't gotten to their dessert yet. Needless to say, they never were able to have their dessert.

This ginormous hornets nest was found at the Saunders' home shortly before we arrived.
Isn't it huge?

We made it up in time to see Rick (Davey's brother) compete in the firefighter combat challenge. It was one of the coolest competitions I've seen. Those guys (and girls) work so hard it's not even funny. Rick has been known to throw up blood after a competition. Yikes.

We were going to float the river on Saturday but, after waking up and freezing to death we decided we would do it another day. It was sooo cold! Did I say that already?

Rick was competing again that day in the team and tandem competitions so we were able to check that out instead. Davey volunteered to help reset the course after each run. He was put to work on the sled (weighs 160 lbs), pushing, shoving, cleaning, and lifting it back into place. Let's just say he's had a pretty sore back the past few days.

While some of the other teams were competing, Jen, Ma and I took the kids to do the kid's combat challenge. They had a great time and thought it was so cool to do things just like a real firefighter. I love this picture of Addie trying to work the sled, she did such a good job.

After two days of hard work, Rick's team took 1st place. They were amazingly fast and blew away the competition (of course).

Saturday and Sunday nights were spent roasting mallows and making smores. Scary stories were told while stomachs were stuffed. Adelaide has taken a liking to telling stories. She can go on and on and on... Something about princesses, ghosts, forests, castles and blood.

It was a great weekend. Next time Idaho, let's not have October in August. Ok?

05 August 2009

The Last Few Days

How many pictures of Rock Band can one post on their blog? Well, I do it a lot. It must be one of our favorite past-times, yes?

We had our friends the Tueller's and some of their visiting family, and the Shupe's over for some fun last weekend.

I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time, I know we did.

I must also share a simple-yet-delicious recipe for popcorn that my aunt Marti has shared with me. It is always devoured and loved by all, so here it is:

3-4 quarts popcorn
1 package vanilla almond bark, melted

You can find the almond bark by the chocolate chips in the baking isle. Pop your popcorn, then I like to add a little butter and salty goodness before I add the almond bark. Spread popcorn on a cookie sheet or some waxed paper. Drizzle on melted almond bark, stir around to coat, let cool and enjoy!

And then...

The zoo. I think I like to post a lot of pictures of us at the zoo as well. What else do you do when your best friend Tamsen has a membership and can get you in free? You go to the zoo, that's what you do.

It's also a good place to meet when one of you lives in Provo and the other lives in Tooele. Adelaide and Owen play so well together and every time I see Logan, she is twice as big.
It makes me a little sad because we don't see each other as much as we should. It's amazing how life can do that sometimes.

P.S. There is a brand new baby giraffe that was born on July 30th. The most adorable thing you've ever seen, really. Check it out if you have some time before school starts!

01 August 2009

71 MPH

I won Adelaide the top prize at Lagoon's baseball-toss booth.
May wanted it to be an A's hat.
Laugh! The A's?
Remember this?
(insert more hysterical laughing here)
But no, seriously, I wanted Addie to get a hat from a professional sports team.

What I had against me:
No warm-up.
No pitcher's mound.
No pitcher's rubber.
No cleats.
No steroids.
And a carny's radar gun (so you know its rigged to screw you)

What I had going for me:
My robotic right arm I had put in after the Vietnam War.
A daughter's love.

No problem.
I dare you to do better.