30 July 2010

Park City

I've developed a slight obsession with Park City this summer. In the past month I've been to the outlets three times to shop and once to ride the alpine slide and coaster.

I can't help it. The weather is lovely and it's absolutely gorgeous up there.

A few weeks ago we went up with Jef, Rob, the kids, and Randy. Everyone had an awesome time riding the slides and climbing the wall.

I hope to go one more time this summer before school and cold weather kick in.

And I wanna try the zip line.

26 July 2010


Dear Megan,
I lied. On Thursday, when I dropped you off at the cabin for your Family Reunion, I told you I had to come back to Provo to go to work.

That's not true.

I went to IKEA.
I brought home some boxes and put together some furniture.
When I finished setting it all up I decided to leave the furniture in our room.
I hope you like it.Happy I-Cannot-Confirm-Or-Deny-It's-Your-30th Birthday.

15 July 2010

So Behind

I am weeks behind on blogging. Let's see if I can finish this post from weeks ago so I can catch up to this week.

We went to temple square a few weeks ago with our summer play group. It was really fun to go in the summer. I usually only think about going there to see the lights at Christmas but it is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

These two are homies.

Mom, Jake, and Sawyer met up with us at the temple and then we headed to the zoo.

I always love the zoo. It's so nice to just wander around and look at the animals you've gotten to know over the years. Zuri the new baby elephant is pretty cute, too.

It was a zooriffic day!

10 July 2010

09 July 2010

Pictures & Patriots

Did you know Pocatello, Idaho has a water park? Neither did we.
And neither does our camera.
But we did show our camera over 100 other things worthy of picturing.
We showed it fireworks in the driveway, picnic lunches, backyard games, tennis, a parade, and paintball guns.
I also took Megan on the Paul's Dam hike in Humphrey. It was my first time in 15 years. Winds were nuts. Cows were irritable. Elk were wary. Fences were barbed. And the sagebrush was thick. But the views were AMAZING! I was just glad I made it back alive. Megan made it back too.
On our last day we visited Yellowstone's Bear World. In the little magazine they give you there, it says you are 60,000 times more likely to die from a bee sting than a bear attack. Although that may be true, I don't remember the last time a bee flew by and I tucked myself into a ball to cover my vitals and played dead. Silly hippies and their ability to distort statistics.

01 July 2010

Christmas in July

While at Park City Adelaide saw a beautiful purple watch she just HAD to have. So we let her call Santa to tell him about it (she loves calling Santa, and sometimes when she is sad she says she misses him).

This letter came in the mail for Adelaide yesterday.

I read it to her last night and then she tucked it into her dresser drawer. Then she had me read it to her again today as she packed it around with her everywhere she went.

Funny how Santa disguised his return address as my parents' in Idaho and even wrote with my mom's same handwriting (even the awkward backwards 'S').
Thanks Santa.