29 June 2007

Numero Fivo

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the most anticipated
concert of the year (for me)...........

Five years in a row running.
That's right, this was the fifth Kenny Chesney concert for me and my momma.

This is an all day event for us. It's not just a simple concert.

We left the house yesterday at 2:30 p.m.
(The show didn't start until 7)

The line gets incredibly long and this year we were determined to be up front
to get a good spot on the lawn.

And we did.
We have a lot of fun at this event.

This year my moms man Rob joined us and Davey came too!
Finally! I got him to happily oblige to attend a Kenny concert with me.
Here are the attendees:

Mom and Rob

My aunt Heidi and uncle Paul

Davey and I

We had oodles of fun and saw oodles of fun people.

Check the girls on the grass. They were passed out an hour into
the show. Paramedics had to come check on them
three times to make sure they were ok.
They finally dragged one of them out the last time they checked.
They missed out.

This one speaks for itself.

We love to rock out.

I think this is Bill Thompson. A beer in each hand and two hats.
Who could ask for more?

Paul claims to have the nicest man-foot around.
I might have to agree.
He actually shaves the rough spots off of his foot with a razor.
He also files his nails after he clips them.

Unfortunately this was the best pic of Kenny we could get.
Fuzzy, I know. Our camera had a hard time focusing with
all of the people jumping around in front of us.

Goodbye Kenny. Until next year (you better come).

27 June 2007

A Delicious Concoction

I threw together this little ditty for dinner tonight.
I had no idea what to make, but I had pasta and some veggies that needed
to be eaten up.
It actually turned out very yummy.
So I thought I would share it.

12 oz. of whole grain rotini or other pasta of your choosing
enough olive oil to coat pasta (I estimated)
about 3 Tbsp lemon juice (I estimated this as well)
2 cut up tomatoes
3 scallions, I excluded the white ends
1 small can mushrooms drained (I didn't have fresh, but they would most likely be best)
2 tsp. chopped garlic
4 Tbsp. dried parsley
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Drain pasta, while it drains put same pan back on warm burner and add all other ingredients (except cheese) to blend flavors. Let sit for just a minute or two.
Add pasta and mix together.
Stir in cheese.


24 June 2007

My Name is Adelaide

It all started with a brilliant idea.

Let's go camping.

Sure its bear season right now, but what bear is gonna still be hungry after 90 pounds of deliciously lake-soaked doggy deliciousness? No bear. Thats what bear.
Turns out Captain had a bad first night and kept most of us up with his whimpering. He loves the tent but honestly, he's a blanket hog. So outside he slept. Don't worry. The next night, Daddy played fetch in the lake with him for almost a full hour. We figured he would either drowned or be too tired to fuss all night. Needless to say (but I'll say it), Captain slept soundly the second night.

For Father's Day I got my dad a new rowing raft and myself a life jacket. So I decided that Payson Lakes would be ideal. We found a campsite at Maple Bench where Maple Lake is.

Its kinda like an oversized scummy pond, but its perfect for fetch with Captain and throwing rocks. Apparently little snakes like it too because we saw a diaper full of them!

Kip and Whitney also braved the bears for the first night. Had Uncle Kip stayed the whole time he probably would have eaten more s'mores than Mommy did (6).
Saturday morning meant we were up at the highest of the three Payson Lakes. Dad called it "The Higher One" which works for me.
We launched out our raft and lazied in the lake for a couple hours. I ate oreos, Dad paddled, and Mom got a sunburn.

But I had a blast when we came back to shore too.

I was in a great mood.

So we decided to take a hike around Maple Lake.

Then we went for a drive to a scenic outlook of Utah Lake.

It was a beautiful view.

We never did see any bears, but we did see some angry deer. All in all a great trip for my first multi-night camping experience. Thanks Mom and Dad. Now all I need is a bath!

21 June 2007

The Return Of The Tap

I wanted to leave you with something fun for the weekend. We will be camping up Payson Canyon, so if you call us after Sunday and you don't get an answer, come look for us.


One of my all time favorite movies,
This Is Spinal Tap, presents us with one of the most amazing rock bands of all time (I hope you caught the sarcasm? If not, catch it now).
But they are awesome........and...........they are reuniting for Live Earth!
It makes me feel so good that they can come back together for a time, to benefit this world, and me for that matter.
How can you deny great songwriters with songs such as Hell Hole, Big Bottom, Stonehenge, and Sex Farm.
The best rock and roll band ever I say. Check them out, you have to.

After you watch these, you will know what I'm talking about.


A Taste Of What's Coming


Here is a Saunders Family picture from last month. Our hero of a friend (whose wife I saved from impending doom) took about a hundred photos and then went in and fixed them up for us. Its really special that he would do us such a favor. Actually I took him to a whore house to call it even. Ask his wife (who I saved from impending doom). Its the first time our family has been all together in six years. And it was the first meeting of some in-laws, new cousins, grandbabies, etc.



18 June 2007

Too Coo' For Schoo'

That's what we call Adelaide's sunglasses. After bathing Captain, playing on the swings and running through sprinklers, it was time to be too cool for school. Here is her fashion show.

We call this, "Waiting at the door for even more coolness."

We call this, "Acting like I don't see you while I stretch out my coolness."

This is, "I am coolly listening intently to that conversation."

She told me this one is called, "Sharing the coolossity of my coolness."

This one is, "School? Yeah, too cool for that."

I call this, "My armpit itches."

16 June 2007

My Favorite Lady

If you haven't met her yet,
I would like to introduce you to Paula Deen.

I don't have the Food Network anymore because
we don't really have TV, so I check her out online.

If you haven't discovered her most delicious recipes yet,
you need to click on the link.

She also has a fabulous Magazine.
You can see some of the recipes online, but you need to
get the magazine to

partake of the goodness in its entirety.

I will tell you why I like her.

#1. You actually have the ingredients to make her dishes.
#2 She isn't afraid to cook with butter and cream.
#3. She is all about comfort food, with added fancy.
#4. Every recipe I have made has turned out wonderfully.

I simply adore Paula Deen.

12 June 2007

The Zoo, The Zoo!

Adelaide was FINALLY able to go to the zoo today.
My 8 year old brother Jake stayed with us last night
so we went up and met my mom for this glorious day.

We rode the choo choo first which got the day off to a great start. Addie loves the train.

I have no idea who this kid is by Adelaide, but I love this picture of her.

My head is always leaning forward. I hate it. I need to fix it.

A short traumatic experience: Adelaide was a little nervous looking at the animals
through the glass. I don't think she realized that they couldn't touch her.
We were looking at the adorable baby Orangutan swinging on its ropes,
when she fell off and tumbled toward the glass where Addie was standing.
I don't think I have ever seen my daughter so petrified.
She turned to me shaking and screaming. She couldn't even walk, she was so scared.
I had her touch the glass so she could see that the baby couldn't touch her.
It didn't help one bit.
She refused to get close to the glass or any animal in a cage after that experience.
Which brings me to the picture above.
My mom and I tried to have her sit on the rhino statue with Jake,
but she wouldn't even touch it.
It mattered not that it was fake. The distance you see her, is the distance she stayed.
It was pretty funny.

She found the giraffes to be the best. Nothing else at the zoo could have taken her
attention away from them.

So close.......

I saved this picture for last. Mostly because it was hideous.
I couldn't get a better picture due to the glass.
This rare alligator looked dead though it was quite alive.
It just laid there in the water looking this way. Didn't move an inch.
I understand that this is what these animals do. On the other hand, if I was a white alligator,
I would realize I would have to do things different.
To me, it looked like it was dead and it had been in the water so long it's skin
faded to white.
Ghostly. Dead. But it wasn't.
It could've moved.

The Quickie

We took a quickie trip to Idaho Falls on Saturday.
Robert turned two!
We couldn't miss the party.

Adelaide loves her cousins. Especially when they have candy to give her.

Even more especially when you get cool prizes at the fish pond.

Then even more especially when they have cool games like the Tiki Toss.

The most especially of the especiallies when they have a limbo surf board.

Then when they let her ride the surf board.

The especialist of them all, is when she gets to dunk twist offs (Oreos) at grannies.

She really loved that we were able to feed the ducks at the river.

We were able to relax for a moment before having to drive back to Provo on Sunday.

Thanks for letting us stay Mammy and Big Daddy Bingo.
It was a fun two days.